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Your Assistant in Google Allo - Now in Hindi


New Delhi, Delhi, India
Messaging is so much more fun when you can converse in a language that is natural to you, a language that allows you to express the real you. As more and more non-English speakers get online, Google is focused on making their experience better, easier and more relevant. Towards that, Google is introducing Hindi language capabilities to the Assistant and Smart Reply in Google Allo. Starting today, these new features will begin rolling out on Google Allo on Android and iOS and they will be available to all users over the coming few days.

Google Assistant is your personal assistant and can get you any kind of information you want, can help you accomplish tasks, chat with friends, play games and do lots more - all in one chat window, without you ever leaving the conversation. So whether you want to pull up a YouTube video of your favorite SRK song or simply want to pass time by with your favourite game, Google Assistant is your constant companion. With today’s launch, the Google Assistant in Allo will now understand and respond in Hindi. Chat one - one with your Assistant in Allo, or just type @google to bring your Assistant into any group chat. To start using the Assistant in Hindi, just say “Talk to me in Hindi” or adjust the language setting on your device.

Google Allo

Talking about the launch, Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager, Google said; Since it’s launch, Google Allo has received tremendous response, especially in India, which has one of the highest number of Google Allo users. The Google Assistant, in particular, is one of the most loved features in Google Allo - one in every 12 messages in group chats are messages to the Google Assistant. We are enthused by this and today’s launch enables us to extend these features to the next millions of users in a language of their choice.”

Another unique Allo feature is “Smart Reply”, which make it easier for users to respond quickly, even when on the go. We found that every day more than half of people on Allo use Smart Reply. Powered by Machine Learning, Google Allo not just understands text, but can also help with suggested responses to images sent by friends and family -- all in Hindi.
Google Allo

Smart Reply will recognize the language you’re chatting in and begin to show suggested responses in that language. If you’re chatting in English, it will continue to show English responses. But if you start chatting in Hindi, it will show you suggestions in that language. You can also adjust the language through your device settings. So, now you can respond to your friends question “kya haal hai” with “Sab theek Hai” with a single tap.

Google Allo is a smart messaging app available on Android and iOS. Launched in September this year, Google Allo allows you to say more and do more right within your chats including making plans, finding information and expressing yourself more easily.

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