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Western Digital launches the first WD-branded SATA client Solid State Drives

 Western Digital Corporation(“Western Digital”) (NASDAQ: WDC), today announced the first WD- branded SATA client SSDs, the WD Blue® and WD Green® solid state drives (SSDs). The new additions are in synch and complements the company’s industry leading family of hard drives for PCs and workstations, providing a full portfolio of WD storage devices for virtually any application.

The SSDs are a definitive solution for building DIY PCs, extending the life of current PCs and upgrading the present storage. The WD Blue and WD Green SSDs also have the capability to boast near-maximum speed of SATA drives, among the best-in-class endurance and MTTF and WD Functional Integrity Testing (F.I.T.) Lab certification, resulting in quick boot times and increased program responsiveness.

Consumers will greatly benefit from the combination of reliable storage coupled with an industry-leading 1.75M hours MTTF. This is accompanied with reduced power and less heat when compared to HDDs. Both drives include free, downloadable, WD SSD Dashboard software, which allows continuous performance and capacity monitoring. The new SSD offering is apt for consumers who are looking for instant-on responsiveness, durability, low power consumption, and ultra-thin, ultramobile form factors.

Available in capacities ranging from 120 GB to 1 TB, collectively, these drives come in both 2.5-inch/7mm case or M.2 2280 form factors.

Khwaja Saifuddin, Senior Sales Director - South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Western Digital,  “We are proud to introduce the first WD branded SATA client SSDs to deliver competitive performance, leading-edge realiability & capacity benefits  to our customers. They are designed to drive SSD adoption in mainstream computing platforms for both corporate and end consumers. We believe the newly introduced WD Blue and WD Green Solid State Drives will perfectly anwser our customers significant demand for a flash based storage option.”

Pricing and Availability

For customers looking for enhanced SATA performance, WD Blue SSDs are optimized for multitasking and resource-heavy applications. Perfect for either a notebook or desktop PC, WD Blue SSDs are available in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities, and in both 2.5-inch/7mm case or M.2 2280 form factors. The WD Blue SSD offers up to 545MB/s and 525MB/s sequential read and write speeds, and endurance up to 400 TBW. Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) ranges from INR 6000 to INR 19000.

WD Green SSD
WD Green SSDs deliver essential-class performance, and are a great option for everyday use. Available in 120GB and 240GB capacities, and in both 2.5-inch/7mm case or M.2 2280 form factors, these SSDs deliver an ultra-low power-draw, enabling PC users to work longer between battery charges. The drive features sequential read and write times of up to 540MB/s and 405MB/s and endurance up to 80TBW.  Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) ranges from INR 3800 to INR 5400.

Both WD Blue SSDs and WD Green SSDs are protected by a 3-year limited warranty.  WD Blue SSDs are available on & WD Green SSDs with other reputed resellers across the country.

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