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Mr.. Brown - A all New way to food's heaven

Earlier this week i was invited for Mr. Brown Bakery, Indrapuram for reviewing their food menu and items. Mr. Brown are a new premium brand of great tasting confectionery. They are passionate about creating great tasting premium confectionery products using the finest ingredients at affordable prices. Their Bakery items and chocolate creating a truly unique, high quality & great tasting chocolate base. Their skilled chocolatier then uses his culinary knowledge to develop and create such fine & mouth-watering Collections of some of the finest truffles & chocolate bars available.

Milk Chocolate Triple Choc Crunch Next. This is a Luxury Belgian Chocolate infused with milk, white & dark crispy chocolate pieces producing an amazing crunch. I loved the little crunchy bits on top; I’ve never seen a bar like this before. The crunchy bits gave it a really unusual kick and meant you had a bit of all chocolate kinds on one bar (milk, dark and white), perfect combination for me as I love all kinds of chocolate.

Retro sweets strike a chord with sweet lovers everywhere, including me. They bring back happy memories from your childhood, and tantalise your taste buds with old fashioned retro sweets that you thought were long gone.There’s too many to list them all on here but one of my favourites I found were the peanuts and honey chikki. but with a new flavour and concept.

After you enter, on the right is the counter where all your delicacies can be ordered. They also have their own range of breads, cookies and chocolates to choose from.

The layout focusses more on the display of products, including gift hampers, a collage of different bakery items, chocolates and cakes. Giving keen competition to their peers, they also specialize in customized cakes. Apart from the bakery items, other things that found their way in the menu includes stuff like pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, wraps, burgers 

The bakery boasts about serving one of the best mojitos! Going by our food experience, we were convinced and ordered the same. The drink came to us in a span of seconds, bringing smiles to our faces. 

we have tried Roll Muglai,Roll Chilly Paneer,pizza Chilly Cheese,Paneer Naan,Patty Corn and patty paneer , all were too good for filling anyone's stomach at a decent price.

COLD COFFEE: cold coffee was a hit. Just the way u I like, I asked them to make it a little strong but they said they already add good quantity of coffee and I agreed that they maintained that thing. Not watery like we usually get at other places.

I really enjoyed all desserts that i tasted there. None of them was something to worry for.
(#)BUTTERSCOTH: the butterscoth pastry came in three layers but good flavours in between. And some white chocolate dressing on top.
(#)TRUFFLE PASTRY: the chocolate truffle pastry again had 3 layers with a small oure choclate flower on top. The choclate sweetness was well maintained.

The place is really very economical where nine of the snacks will cost you over 70. And they are good stomach filling the sitting is nice and comfortable and atmosphere is silent as road is at a distance from the shop. 

Overall it’s a highly recommended place to have small bites on the go or to cure those sudden hunger pangs with scrumptious food. It’s more of a one-stop-shop for all genus of bakery items and with the festivities in the air, this is the place to be.

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