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Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review and Hands-On

Priced at Rs. 1,999,  Mi Bluetooth Speaker’s are  straight lines in design, ultra light weight, slim profile and overall finesse of build gives the promise of being the ideal, inexpensive Bluetooth speaker to complement your weekend drive by the countryside.All set to launch tomorrow ie 22nd March, here is everything you need to know about this Gadget..

World is going wireless and so does our speakers , speakers of today are not just speakers that can pair with your smartphone wirelessly, today there are multi-functional devices, some of which come along with capabilities such as FM Radio, power bank and handsfree, along with being waterproof, dust-proof, and the likes. In such times, seeing the sheer simplicity of the Mi Bluetooth Speakers will  really hits you.

The Design

This Mi Bluetooth Speaker looks great and you choose from several colourful options. It is using wear and dirt resistant aluminum alloy frame that gives a very premium feel. The rectangular speaker is sturdy and easy to carry. Weight with built in battery is 264 grams.

Inside there are 2 x 3W (2 channels) speakers (dual 36mm drivers) and an integrated bass radiator. It’s a curvy design. On one end you will find the Power / Play button, Volume rocker / Forward – Rewind and Battery check buttons. On the other end there is a micro USB port to charge the battery, a built in microphone and Aux in port.

Usage and performance

You can use this BT speaker with Bluetooth 4.0 or just plug in the audio cable into the Aux in port. The Mi Bluetooth speaker needs to be powered on (when using BT or Aux in), just press and hold the power button for few seconds until you see the button LED glowing.

Go to Bluetooth settings option on your smartphone / tablet to pair the device or just connect the audio cable. When you press the battery check button you will get voice alert notification indicating the battery level.

When playing audio files from the smartphone / tablet you can use the power button (press once) to pause / continue playing video. By default the speaker volume is around 50% to 60% you can increase the volume using the volume buttons.

Sound quality including the bass is awesome. The best part is that there is a built in microphone, you can also use this speaker for making and receiving calls. You can use the speaker while it is charging.
The Battery

This Mi BT speaker comes with 1500 mAh built in battery that takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge using 5V / 2A power adapter and delivers up to 8 hours of entertainment time (65dBA /1m).

An impressive and a must buy Bluetooth speaker if you are looking for one. Also check Mi Bluetooth Square speaker – that is not available in India. This BT speaker delivers excellent output and will keep you entertained for a longer time. It works with Bluetooth or simply use an audio cable. Definitely a very good buy (the only issue is selecting your favorite colour).
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