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#LEGION is targeting secular Indian twitter accounts and What we feel about it

Bombardment of biased opinion, oversaturation of existing data and pushing propaganda, that's what every "NEWS ANCHOR" are trying to do, at least I am the one who thinks that. Why someone like Barkha Dutta, Ravish kumar, Rajeev Sardesai and Sudhir Chaudhary claim that they are voice of nation. They are not credible to anyone, no one have given authority to them. 

Until now they feel that they can say whatever they want and no one will stand against them, they thought we are week, Until now these self proclaimed voice of nation have no one to stop them, counter check them. Bot now LEGION have started full fledged war on them.

Rahul Gandhi account hack was beginning, then it was followed by Barkha Dutt, Vijay Mallya and now my favorite Ravish kumar, Legion is slowly taking them out. They are dumping their data publicly and that I feel is best way to make them accountable for every S*** they say. 

We do not support hacking but we feel it is only way to ensure everyone is accountable for his action, if someone have right to say anything without hurting sentiment of other, then why it is not possible to stop them without physically/verbally abusing them. 

Well done Legions, for sure #LegionWillRise. We have entire list of people who are going to to targeted Legion and it include ARVIND KEJRIWAL, MAMATA BANERJEE and SHARAD PAWAR. Tell us, whom do you think should be hacked next in comment section below, and we will convey that to PR team of Legion !

PS: We are not Bhakts, we do not support Modi , I AM BHAKT AND PROUD OF IT, and as Salman Bhai Says,  "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, BUT DON"T TROUBLE YOUR MOTHER".

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