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is a brilliant place and also one stop shop for bakery items, desserts and fast food.. They have varieties of options to choose from..cakes, pasteries, breads, rolls, patties, buns, cookies, quite wide menu

Here you get an unbelievable variety of bakery products. Sweet and savoury Biscuits, Cake, pastries, Loaf, muffins, patties etc. Recently tried Lemon Meringue Tart, the Tart was not very sweet and the had perfect amount of lemon flavour. Opera Pastries are their most popular pastries, chocolate lovers will like it. Red Velvet Pastries were good and light than usual red velvet. 

An icon and legend in the baking industry that even today only gets better and more delicious with age.
Producing fresh cookies, breads, snacks and cakes everyday the ambience of the place is any foodie's dream.
Each cake is made to an aesthetic and yumyum perfection.

It is a super famous bakery and one can tell from its name as well. They have a lot of items. They have snacky foods as well as amazing cakes. They make beautiful looking designer cakes. I find their breads really nice. Also their pao is just like the Bombay pao. That just makes your meal even more delicious.

My all time favourite patisserie. Have been coming to this place from almost a decade. They have a wide variety of pastries, breads, cheesecakes and many more to choose from

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