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Honor Magic Concept Phone Released - FULL SPECS AND REAL PHOTOS

A few days ago we share the details about Huawei's Mi Mix Killer - Honor Magic, but now we got the device in pictures and full specs, so READ ALL ABOUT IT:

First let's take a good look at the device, as it is gorgeous!


Huawei are saying that this is the first truly symmetrical phone, with perfectly calculated edges so that the curves are the same on all sides.


The Honor magic comes with Huawei's new Super-Fast charging that can get you 90% battery in just 30 minutes! Here is where things get a bit uninspiring, as this is generally a Honor 8 in terms of hardware and cameras, but has a 2K display. Packing the Kirin 950 with 4GB RAM and 64GB of Storage and two cameras on the back, one RGB and one Monochrome sensor. I really was expecting Huawei to put the Kirin 960(found in the Mate 9), but they did it maybe to keep the costs down.

The phone features front fingerprint scanner for a change.
So, you are asking probably, where's the MAGIC?

The Magic is In the Software

The deal here is the User Interface, that Huawei have dubbed "Magic Live" that is very intuitive.

It works as a User Interface AI that predicts actions and tailors itself to your patterns, so that it lends a helping hand with the daily tasks. There are two versions built-in. Magic Stable - which is the stable version and will be updated very reguarly and Magic Live Evolutionary - that is said to be updated with all kinds of neat AI features to truly make you and your User Interface think and act the same, a true Synergy. 

Here are some of the features mentioned by Huawei:

  • When you have the phone in your hand, it will make a note of this and whenever you get a call, it will just vibrate and not ring.
  • The phone can automatically light up the screen when you look at it as the Honor Magic can keep a track of your eyes.
  • The Honor Magic can recognize its owner. So, if there’s a new message, you can see the details of the message, but if anyone else takes a look at it, the phone will not reveal the details on the screen.
  • If you are in the dark, the Honor Magic will sense this automatically and recommend flashlight app on the screen.
  • Magic Live can bring up some useful information even while you are chatting. For example, if you someone asks you, where are you? the phone will offer the option to share your current location. Similarly, if you are chatting about your current weather, details about the same will be provided to you. Even if you talk about the weather of a different city, for example Beijing or Shenzhen, the Honor Magic’s Live system is smart enough to bring you details about the same.
  • Booking a movie ticket is super easy with its smart software. The magic live system can intelligently recommend current movies, if you are talking about movies in the chat. Also, if you are talking about booking, it can bring up relevant information as well as help in booking the ticket.
  • If you have an unknown number calling you, the software is smart enough to bring you details about its previous history, if any.
  • The smart software can also classify unread mails as promotions / advertisements / bills / meetings etc, based on the content of the mail. It can also create smart schedules for events that pop up via SMS or WeChat.
  • The Magic Live is also a smart shopper. When you are about to shop on your smartphone, the phone will automatically show you the lowest price along with price comparisons among different shopping platforms. After you shop, it will smartly help you to store the tracking information in your ‘My Favorites’ page.
  • If you want to get details about a particular travel destination, the Magic Live helps in that as well, by bringing you relevant pictures, reviews, weather etc. And you won’t have to type a single thing as the assistant analyses specific keywords such as ‘how about we travel to xx place’ to sense that relevant travel information has to be brought up on the screen.
  • There’s even a Magic Auto which is in development (evolutionary version only) which will simplying using the phone while driving your car
All that sounds great, but what does your wallet say?

Price And Conclusion

The Honor Magic is priced and available in China at around 550$, which means it will probably hit India and the rest of the word  with a 600$+ price tag. It may have very cool features, but inside it's still a Honor 8 with a new body and software. I myself find it to be a bit steep, especially since the whole Magic Live is in development stages and there's bound to be some bugs.

What do you think? Will you be getting one? Tell us in the comments below!

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