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FIFA and Madden Lead Best Sports Releases Of 2016

This year has turned out to be an excellent one for game developers when it comes to raising standards for sport games across all formats. New features have been unveiled as usual, but one of the biggest changes has been the addition of modes of play, offering a new experience even for veteran gamers.

Here are two of the top sports releases of 2016:


One of the most anticipated releases of the year as per usual. However, Electronic Arts raised their standards by adding a new mode of play in the form of ‘The Journey’. Gamers take on the challenge of playing as Alex Hunter, a youth team player at one of the top Premier League clubs.

The mode offers the experience of the trials and tribulations of being a footballer, making key decisions over his future on and off the pitch. The gamer can dictate whether Hunter’s career can be a success or a failure based on their choices, bringing a complex role-playing system in the FIFA world for the first time since its inception.

One of the most exciting aspects of ‘The Journey’ is the parallel it brings to real life with the example of Marcus Rashford. The 19-year-old, like Hunter in the game, rose to prominence and has become a key figure for Manchester United in their bid to claim a Champions League place, being backed in the latest bet365 sport odds at 7/4 to reach the top four in the Premier League.

Players can enjoy a similar responsibility with Hunter, aiming to cope with the pressure and pleasures that playing professional football can bring. The addition of real players like Harry Kane offers a real authenticity to further enhance the experience, ensuring that FIFA was a must-purchase this year.

Madden 17

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski graced the cover of Madden 17, with EA also injecting a new layer of features into the game. One of the new additions was the focus on player movement, allowing gamers to enjoy the same weave that players like Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson possess, along with the brute strength of Gronkowski.

Tackling and contact was improved on the previous version of the game, with the addition of winning the battle to bring down an opponent or see him leave you for dust. By pressing a button at the right moment, gamers can win the battle, adding a new dimension, ensuring that every play counts over the course of the contest.

One of the undervalued aspects of the NFL is the kicking game, with so many matches decided by field goals and even now extra points. As a result, Madden addressed this to allow gamers to have more impact on the plays, with the possibility of seeing more blocked attempts or special moves from the snap, while also increasing the difficulty of kicking the ball between the posts, putting more responsibility for accuracy on the user.

Madden has continued to make strides forward and it was no surprise to see it succeed, and this will likely only continue to be a strong option for EA for the years to come.

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