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Why you should be excited about the Huawei Mate 9 Launch

This is S. Fox and today, I'll be discussing the soon to launch (TODAY) - Huawei Mate 9!

But first, a little trip down memory lane.

Huawei's road to conquer the Smartphone market began (first real commercial success) with their first really successful device, the P7 back in June 2014It was the first very well received headset by Huawei, that actually was competitive in the high-end segment.

Huawei devices have always packed an in-house chip, but the Kirin 910 was the first real competitor.
Packing a high-clocked Quad-Core design and 2GB of RAM, along with a Mali 450MP4, it's still quite usable till this very day.


Riding on that wave in October 2014 they released their first really high-end device - The Mate 7!

With its premium metal built, great fingerprint scanner,battery life and performance, the Mate 7 won a lot of hearts. People were really starting to look forward to Huawei phones and started taken them seriously. Boasting a very impressive SoT of over 5hrs, it became a top seller in China in no time. It's only little downside was in the camera department, as it was clearly behind the competition at the time.
Huawei finally figured it out, people wanted a good-looking device that was well built and had a great battery life, A REAL WORK HORSE!
Knowing all that and improving they released the Mate 8 in November 2015Packing a much improved in all aspects Kirin 950 and up to industry standards 16MP Sony IMX298 Camera. Having been praised for stunning design, build quality and again, battery life, the Mate 8 is now probably the daily driver of quite a few of you out there!

It was, however, their collaboration with Leica and the great campaign for the P9 that cemented Huawei as the Number 2 Smartphone company in the world.


Bringing high-production value and industry leading camera performance for the price, it separated itself from the competition as the BUDGET FRIENDLY, CAMERATASTIC FlAGSHIP KILLER! Now, after LG have failed their audience with the gimmicky G5, and especially Samsung's whole Note 7 fiasco, the Crown for the King of Smartphones is definitely up for the taking!

Here is why I think that the Mate 9 will capture that very crown! Or as Huawei have already named their Mate 9 campaign:

Mate 9
  1. Industry-leading Performance and Battery Life! 
Huawei's Mate 9 will be powered by the new Kirin 960, which is the first SoC made by Huawei, that can actually, compete with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 and Samsung's Exynos 8890 in terms of benchmark/gaming performanceIt comes packing the industry's latest Mali G71 graphics, ARM A73(Artemis)CPU cores, and the fastest internal storage available UFS2.1while maintaining just a slight power consumption increase over the Kirin 950 in the Mate 8!

huawei-unveils-the-kirin-960-chipset huawei-unveils-the-kirin-960-chipset-1  huawei-kirin-960-800x600

2. Best Smartphone Camera, EVER!


It's confirmed that Mate 9 will use the next-gen Leica/Huawei camera with 20+12MP sensors and a f/2.0 aperture, delivering a much better performance and (finally) 4K recording to the Huawei Flagship. There are also rumours that there will be 2 variants released: budget friendly with an FHD Display/4GB RAM and 64GB Storage, and the so-called Manhattan model with QHD and 6-8GB RAM!

There is, however, one drawback.

Producing an industry leading smartphone may require an industry top price. Rumours are going strong that the Manhattan model might cost as much as a 1000$ at launch! Now this should be taken with a pinch of salt, but if the phone is indeed that good, I'm sure lots of people are willing to spend that kind of money. Because let's face it, Smartphones have almost replaced Laptops for lots of you out there as a main work/play/browse device on the go!

So, most of those questions will probably be answered on Today in Munich for the official unveiling! See you there!

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