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"Voice of Nation" Arnab Goswami Resign from Times Now

Popular prime-time news debate host Arnab Goswami was learnt to have resigned as the editor-in-chief of Times Now, The News Minute reported on Tuesday. The move, apparently in favour of turning an entrepreneur and starting his own venture, came after several days of murmurs about his likely exit, the report added. 

According to some employees of Times Now who did not wish to be named, Goswami told the editorial team that he believed in the media and would continue in the television business. Many sources in the organisation said he might start a news channel with politician and entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar and American media baron Rupert Murdoch. It was also rumoured that Goswami might join the popular UK news organisation, Fox News.
Senior journalist Arnab Goswami has reportedly resigned as the Editor-in Chief of Times Now. Arnab was not seen on his prime time show The Newshour in couple of days. 
According to The News Minute, he announced his resignation at an editorial meeting. He told his team that he will start something on his own. However, our sources in the Times Now said that Goswami is on one-week leave for Diwali.

“Independent media is going to thrive,”Goswami said while hinting at his future plans. Goswami said that he would not be quitting television media or the news industry adding, “The game has just begun.”

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