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Mystery Rooms : Experience LIVE GAME

Mystery Rooms is a real life live escape game, which is unique, interesting and quite amazing in its own way. It offers one of most exciting and thrilling 60 minutes that only adventure sports can give.
Mystery Rooms : Rajori Gardens, New Delhi
Mystery Rooms : Rajouri Gardens, New Delhi
This review do not contain any spoilers for the puzzle/Game.

Situated at Rajouri Garden, Ring road Delhi, Mystery rooms is self declared  REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE CENTER. Concept behind it is simple, unique and interactive. In Mystery Rooms teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit. The beauty of the game is that you are actually physically inside the story. You and your fellow players are participants who must escape from a place filled with challenging puzzles and obstacles. The objective is to find and solve the mystery in order to escape within the time allotted. Players are encouraged to work in teams to crack the puzzles more efficiently, and a Game Master helps you in case you are not as smart to solve the drama.

How To Reach There
Mystery room is easy to locate at Mahatma Gandhi road with decent parking availability, in fact there team will help you out for parking space if you are going through any trouble. It also have decent connectivity with Delhi metro as it takes only 10 mints walks (approx 600 mts away) from Rajouri Gardens metro station. 

Initial Impression 
When we first entered into decent looking basement, it was not great, and to be honest we have some serious questions with the quality of game that we were about to experience, but things changed in next few minutes as we explored the place. It was creative and eye catching  into heart of reception. 


Games and Pricing
Currently at Rajouri Gardens, they are offering only four mission, THE HURT LOCKER, LOCKOUT, ABDUCTION and CABIN IN THE WOODS with each having different difficulty levels.
  • The Hurt Locker : You become bomb squad, and you have to defuse ticking bong in order to save life of innocent civilians. It as told by them is best suited for first timers and have modest difficulty level.
  • Lockout : You and your team play as a group of prisoners who are aiming to escape from prison. It is also a moderated level game, which is suitable for first timers.

  • Cabin in the woods : In this scenario your team need to solve a murder mystery in the  Occult dark forest. It have have slightly difficult level and is suitable for experienced players.
  • Abduction : You are abducted and all you need to do is escape from kidnappers, sounds simple right ? But it is not, surprisingly this was hardest of all four available at Rajouri Gardens.
We feel it must be mentioned that Mystery rooms also offers A NIGHT IN BHANGARH and THE KON OF KOHINOOR at there Gurgaon branch.

Pricing : This is perhaps only that disappointed us at Mystery rooms, we feel for individuals and college students, mystery rooms is bit over priced (INR 4,000 for Team of 8 people). You can book your ticket here .

Game Play Experience
We tried Lockout : The prison break challenge, and it was mind blowing. although initially it hit us as bit artificial but once we started to involve in game, it all faded away. Storyline was promising and puzzles were, well you have to try that for yourself. But what we can say that, it was very promising, thrilling and amazingly surprising. our team enjoyed every minute that we spend there.

Overall we were amazed how this placed turned out after we have build initial impression about it, it was certainly above par. Mystery room's staff was generous and helpful to answer everything we asked. It is certainly best place to celebrate birthday, special day, team building exercise and get together. We never quantify, but if we have to give MYSTERY ROOM rating, it would be 3.5 out of 5.

Over all Mystery room works on great concept, the place is easy to visit, it indeed offers great deal of entertainment and team building exercise. Adlerian that flow through your body during game is amazing, everyone should must try MYSTERY ROOMS at least one time, it is highly recommended from our side.

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