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iPhone 7 Spigen Case Review : "Feels Great in hand"

The iPhone 7 is a top-notch smartphone. But as every smartphone is getting thinner and lighter, their durability is getting worse and worse. It’s good to get a case for your phone: especially if you get the Jet Black color. I bought a Spigen case a few days after I got my iPhone 7, so here’s my review on it.

Spigen has always been my go-to case manufacturer. And their design says that. All of their cases have beautiful designs. They always include premium materials, like carbon fiber and aluminum. Plus, their cases are priced good in terms of what you get. All of Spigen’s cases have different designs, although the one that I bought has a matte black finish in the middle, and on the top and bottom a carbon fiber finish. One thing that is awesome about the design is that if you got the Jet Black iPhone 7 and don’t want to hide the color completely, there’s a cut out for the Apple logo on the case, which let’s you see a little peak at that beautiful color. This case also has a slim profile, not making it one of those bulky cases. All of this makes this case feel really good in the hand.

I am lucky that I didn’t drop my iPhone 7 yet. Although if I did, with my case on, it would survive. Thanks to the use of premium materials, you really don’t have to keep worrying about dropping your phone. Not mentioning the fact that this case has good grip; so the chance of you actually dropping the phone is even lower. The case has Air Cushion Technology which greatly helps in drops; and not to mention the fact that it raises the camera to protect it and it also raises the screen when your phone is face down on a table!

Ease of Handling

This Spigen case offers great grip. Depending on how big your hands are of course, you can probably reach all four corners of the iPhone’s display, assuming you didn’t go with the iPhone 7 Plus. The matte black finish is not the best at providing grip, but the carbon fiber surely is. And by combining the carbon fiber and the matte black finishes, you don’t only get excellent feel in the hand, but also good grip. The volume buttons and the sleep button are great; as you can press them with the same force as you would without the case.

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