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iPhone 7 Camera Review : Best Camera of iPhone Ever ?

The camera on the iPhone has always had such a good reputation for it; it was usually always considered the king in smartphone photography. It’s literally worth upgrading to a new phone just for the camera. And this trend has moved to other phones as well. 

Smartphone cameras are evolving at an extremely fast pace, just like the rest of technology. They are trying to be like DSLRs. The iPhone 7 camera is no exception. Here’s my review on the new iPhone 7 camera.

iPhone 7  Camera Over View
Rear: 12 megapixel sensor, f/1.8 aperture, Focus Pixels, Optical Image Stabilization, quad-LED (dual tone) flash, 4K video recording.
Front: 7MP sensor, f/2.2 aperture, 1080p recording

Firstly, plain image quality: beautiful. Of course you don’t have the sharpness and detail like a DSLR, although it’s definitely competing against a camera just as good: the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera. The colors are really good, and the lighting is good as well. Indeed, the iPhone 7 is fantastic at taking low light photos, thanks to it’s wider aperture; especially when considering how much narrower the iPhone 6s aperture was, at f/2.2, compared to the iPhone 7’s f/1.8. It also features improved image processing which helps reduce noise in low light photos. 


The photos on the iPhone 7 seem a lot more vibrant than it’s predecessor. That is because it now processes color differently. Although that’s not the only area where the iPhone 7 does well. It does great in detail reproduction, although still making it tough whether the S7 is better at it or vice versa. But that color reproduction might make the choice easier. The S7 does have better contrast though when comparing it to the iPhone 7. 
All of those things make the iPhone 7 a great smartphone camera, wait till you see the dual lens setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. If you can accept the bigger screen size, and the steeper price, you get two lens. One is the same lens that you find on the regular iPhone 7, but the other one is a 56 mm lens that allows for optical zoom.

Optical zoom is always better than digital zoom, as it does not reduce quality. Optical zoom is mainly only found on DSLRs, as on the majority of smartphones it is
 digital, with the loss of quality. 
But that’s not the case on the iPhone 7 Plus, as you can use the optical zoom feature up to 2x zoom. Then there is an improved digital zoom that let’s you zoom to a pretty big 10x. 
The bottom line is that if you don’t rely heavily on your smartphone for photography, the iPhone 7 is a great choice, and sits on top of the competition, tying with the Samsung Galaxy S7. But if you do rely heavily on your smartphone for photography, or just don’t want to carry a DSLR around, the iPhone 7 Plus is a no-brainer.

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