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Book Review: SUHANI by TURIA

Book: Suhani
Author: Turia (Mamta Wathare)
Publisher: Partridge
Pages: 105
Genre: Fiction (Genre- Romance/Spirituality)

Suhani is a book by Indian author Mamta Wathare, writing by pen name Turia. She is a publicist by profession. An avid reader, she is fond of traveling, day dreaming and writing poetry in her free time.

The sadhu looked into the eyes of the pilgrim who had travelled from far to meet him. Such powerful eyes, thought the pilgrim.

The sadhu must have read that in his eyes.

The Sadhu smiled and thought, In your eyes I can see the lives you have lived, the journeys you have made, the people you have loved and those you have lost, the tales you told and those that you didn’t; do not look into my eyes, for in your eyes I see the stories you have lived, when I see you they become a part of me…

“Everyone is a part of the same story”, thought the sadhu… after all life is a story… told and retold so many times, in so many worlds and so many lives

The book traces the story of Suhani, a tea vendor on the ghats of Ganges in the holy city of Benares who goes through the most unholy of experiences after death of her Amma (mother),the repeated sexual abuse by her Uncle.

She is a girl who sees the world in an abstract fashion, much like the art of abstract painting she is gifted with. Her limitations and despair come through beautifully.

One day her life takes a huge turn with the advent of Kabir and his undying selfless love for Suhani.

From hereon very skillfully the author brings about the love between the two and the courage with which she fights abuse, sexual and mental torture. Author beautifully depict inner and outer struggles of Suhani while finding herself, her hidden art and discovering love in a very strange way.

How she pursue on a new journey in form of new Suhani is for you to find out.

The book goes on to the power of silence, nothingness. I highly recommend this book for all searching for motivating factor or true love.  
Go grab your copy.
The journeys that we take, shape us; within, WE ARE ALL LIGHT!
-Turia, Suhani

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