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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which one you should get

Apple launched the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus a few weeks ago in India. Both of these are, as expected, mighty good phones. We reviewed them recently and were very impressed with everything that Apple is offering in them. Although, they aren't perfect - but nothing is - and they are very expensive, particularly in India. The iPhone 7 costs Rs 60,000 while the price of the iPhone 7 Plus starts at Rs 72,000.

But if the price is no bar and you are looking to get an iPhone, which one of these two is better? That is a question we are sure many of you iPhone buyers may have. The answer, surprisingly, is not that easy. It's true that both the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus are targeted at different set of users, but they are similar enough - and yet amply distinctive - to make it a confusing for consumers, especially when it comes to the better value for money part. 

Overall, my impression is that the iPhone 7 is a better fit for everyone. Literally. Its compact size makes it more delightful to use. But there are exceptions. For a number of people, the iPhone 7 Plus will be a better phone.

Sounds confusing? Yes, it does, so let's break it down:
  • Buy the iPhone 7 if you hate big phones (and if you loved the small iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S). This is a phone that slips into hand or a pocket effortlessly. It looks elegant. The design is nice and weight is light enough.
  • The iPhone 7 is a better value for money. If you don't get the iPhone 7 Plus, you aren't actually missing much. The only things that the smaller doesn't have are: One, the big and slightly sharper screen, and two, the telephoto lens which is part of the iPhone 7 Plus dual-camera setup. Otherwise, the iPhone 7 has the same features, including water-proof body and stereo speakers.
  • Go for the iPhone 7 Plus if you value battery life above everything else. It has a bigger battery that also lasts longer.
  • Go for the iPhone 7 Plus if you do a lot of web browsing or are going to watch movies on your phone. The bigger iPhone 7 Plus screen is helpful here.
  • Go for the iPhone 7 Plus if you are a photographer or are into photography, even if it is your hobby. The second camera - read lens - in the iPhone 7 Plus helps click some amazing photos in good light because of its longer 56mm focal range.
  • But keep in mind that if you are buying the iPhone 7 Plus, not only you will pay more, but will also get a phone that is a bit too big and heavy for its own good. Just to compare, the OnePlus 3 with the same sized 5.5-inch screen is so much more compact.

So, iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus?

My impression is that if you are asking this question, you should stick to the iPhone 7. It has everything that you will need, including a very nice camera. There is some extra convenience in the iPhone 7 Plus - dual camera setup, a little longer battery life and bigger screen - but those are things that will turn out to be handy only for a small set of users. And this extra convenience has a cost too. It comes with a design that makes the iPhone 7 Plus a little too big. For most people, the iPhone 7 is a better deal.  

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