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iPhone 7 Launch Offers: Jio vs Airtel Offer!!

iPhone Launch Offers: Jio vs Airtel Offer!!

While iPhone was launched in the US in september 2016, it only came to India last week! And what a successful launch it was!! iPhone 7 series handsets were sold out within minutes of its launch as people queued authorised stores long before for the launch time for their share of the Apple tech.
iPhones were also being sold online via big ecommerce sites who had tie-ups with Apple. This launch also caused the market to be flooded with some great incentives . Cashback offers on exclusive credit cards and other such deals were given to make the buying of iphone seem more lucrative not that it needed any help!
Networks like Airtel and Jio too came up with their own offers for the iPhone, while they were both launched along with the iPhone, on closer study we found that the offers were fundamentally different and the perks provided were also diverse.

 Jio Offer: What’s All The Hype?!

Today’s announcement brings together India’s best premium 4G network with the incredible iPhone experience,” said Mathew Oommen, President of Jio. “Jio is India’s 4G-only network, providing high-speed internet across India. The true power of iPhones can now be experienced by all Indian iPhone users on the Jio network”.

Jio has teamed up with Apple to give such an amazing offer that this looks like a match made in heaven. This is not exaggeration! People who have purchased the iPhone now will get free data of 20GB/month for a year!! This not counting the unlimited data at night and the 40GB additional hotspot data!! I mean it literally sounds like Jio is raining data over iPhone users!!! Other amazing perks include Jio premium apps worth Rs. 18000 complimentary for a year, Reliance Retail coupons worth Rs. 15000 and other such really cool perks!!

You can buy the iPhone from anywhere in India (that's the only condition) and avail of this offer either through EMI or direct purchase, it’s up to the customer This offer will be available for new iPhone purchases across all Reliance Digital stores and select Apple Premium Resellers (APR) and Apple Authorized Resellers (AAR). In addition the offer goes live after the Welcome offer expires so that means you get 15 months of free data!  Basically Jio comes up with offers and plans that only Jio can beat!!

The Jio offer is not limited to iPhone 7 Series but starts from iPhone 5SE to iPhone 7+, the largest range of iPhones ever to be on a singular offer! So any iPhone with VoLTE ability will have this offer applicable to it.

Jio Enterprise Offer
This is another exclusive offer for professionals, if your company signs up with Jio, you can get an additional 25% off on the apple handsets! This news should come as a breather for iPhone fans who wish to buy the phone but are hesitant due to the price. More details on this offer soon.

The Jio-iPhone offer is a result of the collaboration of iPhone and Jio to empower people with data, especially people who are iPhone fanatics and have already spend a bomb on the phone. These people deserve to be on the best network and not have to worry about data charges. Jio has been a pioneer in the data market, changing the game completely, forcing incumbents to slash prices and making data affordable to all.
The iPhone already looks lucrative with these great offers !!

 Airtel Offer: Need a Codex to decipher
Airtel has come up with it’s own offer that claims a lot of things but fails to deliver on every level. You can only buy the iPhone from any Airtel store which had to be of the newly launched 7 series only.
Airtel lets you pay a fraction of the cost as down payment and then you have to get on any of their plans which are 2000/month for 5GB ; 2500/ 10GB and 3000/15GB. This data can either be 3G or 4G depending upon the area because as we all know, Airtel hasn’t launched 4G in all areas of the country and has only just launched 4G in Gujarat.

Once you pick a plan whose validity is of 12 months, you have an option of either continuing with the same handset or exchaging it for a newer handset. If you chose to go with the same handset, you have to make a large balloon payment which is more than the MRP of the phone.

Airtel Infinity Offer: Hidden terms and Conditions
Upon going through the terms and condition, you’ll find that the Airtel has definitely attempted to make the offer better than it actually is. While you are on contract with Bajaj Finance Ltd. via Airtel, you have to pay exorbitant rates for data, where you’d rather pay EMI for phone and get a free Jio SIM. Once you opt to go for a newer iPhone model, the buyback amount too is not clear and you’ve wasted 24-36k on data alone!

On buying a new model, the plan once again starts and once again you’ve stuck paying huge amount for data

The only perk is that you get free unlimited voice calling which is hilarious because as you remember, Airtel termed Jio’s free voice calling offer as “predatory pricing” and complained to TRAI. Airtel clearly needs to do a better job with marketing and branding of its services. Calling offers “unlimited” or “infinite” does not necessarily make it so.

This offer is only available in 2 cities and not even a major metropolitan like Mumbai. Airtel has always opted to release offers in phases leaving people who really need it high and dry.

Airtel vs Jio: Which should you opt for??

It is clear that Jio offer leaves the Airtel offer miles behind in terms of perks and simplicity, it is up to the user which offer would he or she go for. But it cannot be denied that this is the best offer that Jio has come up with ever.Rest all depends on a user and on his choice.

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