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Ghantewala Sweets goes Digital

About Ghantewala Halwai:

The “Ghantewala Halwai” , was one of the oldest halwai shops in India, which shut down recently due to legal compliances in ‘Chandni Chowk’. As we are all aware of, it has catered to all the top notches of the country including the Mughal Emperors, Presidents and Prime Ministers of India, from Nehru to his grandson Rajiv Gandhi. Over the years, it has remained a popular visitor’s attraction in Old Delhi area. It was known for its ‘Sohan Halwa’.

According to the owner Sushant Jain, the 'SohanHalwa' has been a favorite of patrons from as far away as the Gulf. Pista Burfi and perennial favorite like Motichoor ki Ladoo, Kalakand, Karachihalwa and snacks like Makkanchoora were also popular among the patrons.

It has touched the hearts of all Indian houses that swear by sweets not only on auspicious days but also as an after food delight. (Dessert)

Ghantewala goes ‘Digital’:

“Ghantewala Sweets” - The inherited piece of heritage is making a comeback in the traditional sweet space; with a whole new range sticking by to the old yet delicious taste. Since it’s a digital world they are also going digital. It has non-perishable food items with a delivery time of 48 hours to 72 hours depending on the location of delivery. Same day deliveries can also be done if requested.

From the busy streets of Chandni Chowk, directly delivering to your doorstep now! Try their extensive range that includes Besan Ladoo, Aloo Ka Lacha, Sohan Halwa, Special Dal Beeji, variety of Biscuits and Cookies, etc.

The website will be up and live by 24thOctober, 2016.

They promise to serve everyone better and create a benchmark in the history of Indian sweets, like never before”.

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