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Best Mobile Apps that help you improve your productivity

No matter what one does for a living, we’re all looking for ways to use our time more efficiently and with the rise of technology, it’s not entirely impossible. With the right apps, you  can actually be more productive. So here,, India’s #1 Extended Warranty & Damage Protection Company suggests some productivity boosters available free of cost on the Play Store and App Store that you must try...

Dashlane: The Best Password Manager

Imagine how easy life would be if you didn’t have to log onto websites each time you landed on the page? That’s possible with Dashlane, which has auto login, form auto-fill and automatic password changing for numerous popular sites. It keeps track of all your passwords and makes them secure with it’s free password manager. Pretty cool, right?
Best For: Those who’re forgetful and have to keep changing their passwords
Available on:
Android, iOS

Simplenote: A Great App for Taking Down Quick Notes

Yes, it lets you jot down quick notes and ideas during a meeting. The best part about this app is that all the information is easily searchable and can sync to other devices like your computer and laptop. It also has a built-in to-do list to help you stay on track if you need to get certain tasks done. So if you want to make your work life less messy and more productive, check out Simplenote. 
Best for: People who are not so organized

Available on: Android, iOS

Mint: Your Money Manager

No, the app won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it will sure help you control your expenses by corralling all your financial accounts - banking, credit cards, loans, etc. All you need to do is connect the Mint app to your bank account and it gives you an overview of how much money you have as well as helps you create budgets that you can actually stick to. Plus, the app gives you advice for managing your money every day.
Best for: People looking to spend wisely and saving more
Available on: Android, iOS

Pushbutton: For Sending Files From Your Phone to Your PC
This is an excellent piece of software that can actually save you a lot of time, especially while transferring links, articles, images, etc from your mobile to the PC wirelessly. All you need to do is - install the app on your phone and on the PC Web browser. Once this is done, you can start replying to texts, mails, share files and get notified about incoming calls on your PC.
Best for: Those who work on multiple devices

Available on: Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Windows

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