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Best android phone under 20K

When it comes to the Rs 20,000 price bracket, nowadays there is a lot of buzz around the Lenovo Z2 Plus. And as the buzz often does, it may mislead people into believing something that may not be entirely accurate. Although the Z2 Plus looks good on paper, in the real world it just doesn't cut it because specs never matter, definitely not as much as they have been highlighted to. If not the Z2 Plus, then what are the good options for if you have a spending budget of Rs 20,000 for your next phone. Well, here are the four.

We have reviewed all of them and have found that they deliver more than what they promise for their price, irrespective of the hardware or their specs. 

Motorola Moto G4 Plus

Now, this is a phone that is as good as any in under Rs 20,000 price bracket. And best of all if you go with it, you also save Rs 5,000. The reason why the Moto G4 Plus, despite its slightly tacky design, is so good are the same why other Moto phones are so good.

The Moto G4 Plus with its stock Android and mostly smooth performance is a fantastic and fuss-free phone for any other consumer out there. And it will also soon get the Android Nougat. Another cool bit about the Moto G4 Plus is its camera, which is brilliant for a phone that costs Rs 14,999. Yes, we recommend buying the 32GB version. 

Like the earlier Moto G phones, the G4 Plus is an all-rounder. It surely has the best camera and the best screen we have seen in a Moto G so far. Its fingerprint scanner works very well and it offers fantastic performance. The software, the pure Android software, is as classy and fuss-free as it has always been.

Xiaomi Mi 5

A dazzling looking phone, this is the sexiest device Xiaomi has made so far. And although it doesn't exactly hit the home run, particularly with its rear camera, this is a phone that is an absolute value for money at its current price of Rs 19,999. 

Yes. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is a flagship phone sold at a more mainstream price. It's beautiful, has an exceptionally good screen and has powerful hardware inside it. Ticks quite a many boxes, doesn't it? Yes, it's not perfect. Its software kind of kills some of the fun, especially if you are fond of stock Android, and its camera falls short compared to other flagship phones. But then look at that price!

Lenovo Vibe X3

Although the Z2 Plus from Lenovo isn't all that good, despite its cool sounding specs, the Vibe X3 is. Go for this phone if you absolutely must buy a phone with Lenovo logo. The Vibe X3, although powered by Snapdragon 808, is a phone that is remarkably solid. It even has a fairly good camera and its audio playback performance is among the best we have seen in a phone. 

All in all, the Vibe X3 is a phone that, as we said earlier, tries to mix and match a lot of components not for the sake of it but for creating a better user experience for consumers. Yes, we are still partial to the Android that goes inside the Nexus or Moto phones but if that is not a concern for you, go for the Vibe X3. It is the best phone you can buy this side of Rs 25,000!

Asus ZenFone 3

When we recently reviewed the ZenFone 3 from Asus we found it to be a very good phone, although little overpriced. But that was in relation to the OnePlus 3 as we reviewed the 4GB version of ZenFone 3, which costs a lot more. But at a price of Rs 21,899, the ZenFone 3 is a very good device, almost in the league of the Mi 5. 

The ZenFone 3 isn't a bad phone, but the ZE552KL variant's atrocious price tag means it's a lot less value for money than phones like the OnePlus 3. The ZE520KL on the other hand may not kill the Mi 5 in terms of all-round performance, but it surely gives buyers a very viable alternative since it offers better set of cameras and thermal efficiency.

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