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5 Things We Love About The iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has a beautiful design. With it’s five anodised aluminium colors it looks stunning. With the Jet Black color you have beautiful glass-looking gloss surface. The premium design feels good in the hand. With the four colors, Matte Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold the phone feels like proper anodised aluminium. Although with the Jet Black color, even though it’s made of the same material, it feels like glass; much like the Samsung Galaxy S7. 

Although to get that wonderful new Jet Black finish, you need to accept one thing: the scratches. Even though the Jet Black finish is made of the same material as the other colors, it reflects light, which is what makes it so beautiful. Because of that, when it gets scratched you can see the scratches more; and that is what is disappointing fans. Although some people still get it and just put a case on it, like Apple recommends to do. 


This phone has four microphones, two microphones are located on either side of the lighting port. Then one is in between the camera and the flash, and the last one is in the earpiece. But in terms of speakers, the iPhone 7 is definitely not the first phone to feature to stereo speakers; although it is the first iPhone to do such. One speaker is on the right of the Lightning port, which has been there for ages. 

But unlike what many people think, the second speaker is not in the grill left of the Lighting port which replaced the headphone jack, but it’s in the earpiece. It sounds like there is a tweeter in the earpiece that literally shouts at you. Instead the side speaker takes care of the mids and the lows. The good thing about having the speaker in the earpiece is that it’s located right in front of you, instead it being located on the side of the phone. Speaking of the headphone jack, it’s time to say goodbye to the 100 year old port - at least on iPhones. Apple says that it’s the future but maybe the world wasn’t ready yet. Apple also kept the headphone jack in their new MacBook Pros, so maybe they realized that too. 
The iPhone 7 has a larger aperture on its camera, ƒ/1.8. It also features optical image stabilization, which used to be unique to the Plus model, but is now available in both models. It also features a quad-LED flash which helps greatly in low light situations. The camera on the iPhone 7 is 12 megapixels. It can record in 4K at 30 frames per second. It also has a front facing flash with is directly in the display, which can make your selfies taken with the new 7 megapixel front facing camera look even better. But on the Plus model, things are different. It has two cameras: a 12 megapixel wide angle camera and a telephoto one. 

The two cameras work together to bring you a beautiful picture, or video. It lets you zoom 2x without loss of quality, as it is optical zoom. And then after that you can use the improved 10x digital zoom. Then there is this feature called Portrait mode which lets you add depth of field, a blur in the background just like DSLR cameras. This feature is reserved to the iPhone 7 Plus as well, as it uses both two cameras.


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have the same performance specs. They have the A10 Fusion chip. For the first time in an iPhone it is quad-core. That means it has two efficiency cores and two performance cores. It automatically switches between the two. So if you are just calling someone, you will be using the efficiency cores for better battery life. But if you’re playing a game, you’ll be using the performance cores for the best experience.

Home Button
iPhones always had home buttons. Although this year, the home button is still here, but it’s fake. You cannot actually press it, as it’s pretty much a flat surface. Although when you “press” the home button, the fantastic new taptic engine makes you feel a subtle vibration. You can also choose which vibration strength is best for you.

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