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23 Facts About Apple Inc. that you should Know

1) If Apple goes out for shopping, it can buy Facebook, Motorola and Nvidia while still being the world's most valuable company.

2) Steve Wozniak still works for Apple inactively and gets a salary of 120,000 USD per annum.
3) As Woz was fond of recurring digits, Apple - I was sold for 666.66 USD. In order to raise enough money to buy parts and build the first few orders of the Apple I, Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen Van and Wozniak,who was an employee at HP back then, sold his Hewlett-Packard 65 scientific calculator for $500.
4) Macintosh was named after a variety of apples.
5) Steve Jobs is one of the very few to have many movies featuring his life story and many books written on him.
6) Tim Cook used to work for IBM before getting into Apple. He's the real reason Apple had shook hands with its old enemy, IBM last year for its enterprise apps.
7) Steve Jobs once went to a restaurant of his real biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali without any of them both knowing about each other and Mona Simpson, the famous American Author and Steve's real biological sister i.e. Jandali's daughter figured that out. Here's a pic of Jandali and Mona Simpson.
8) Apple's first logo was made by its third co-founder Ronald Wayne.
9) Jobs used to wear a 1000 USD Porsche watch and used to gift to anyone who appreciated its design. After a few minutes, he would have a new piece of the same watch on his wrist again.

10) Once, Steve Jobs started believing that he wouldn't need to get a bath for he ate too many apples but after a few days, everybody around him started telling him about his body's bad smell. At first, he wouldn't believe them but later he got the point.

11)Tim Cook is the one of the most valuable CEOs upto date. He's one of the best the world has even seen.

12) iWATCH has been the most anticipated product from them.

13) Steve Jobs was once so attracted to the design of his BMW Bike that he put it in a showcase at  back then. Here's a pic of him riding it.
14) Tim Cook offered his own portion of liver to Steve Jobs. Jobs refused accepting it.

15) Jobs was interested in buying Yahoo and never was really interested into entering the TV world.

16) Apple has more money in hands than the US Government. In fact, Apple has twice as much as operating cash than the US Treasury.

17) Steve Jobs changed his style of glasses after being fired from Apple to match the style of one of his inspirations none other than Mahatma Gandhi. He made the switch of his glasses to the rimless Lunor Ideal i 380 model. He also thought of Mohandas K. Gandhi to be the Person of the Century.

18) The first iPod from Apple came with an Easter egg game which could be accessed if the right combinations of keys were pressed.
19) Smoking near a Mac may void its warranty.
20) In Apple ads, the time on the products is always set to 9:41. This was the time when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.
21) If you went back in time to 1991 just to buy the parts that would make an iPhone, it would cost you more than $3m. The RAM alone would cost you around $1.44m.
22) The iPhone Project was one of the biggest secret projects from Apple. They say, that the software guys didn't get to see the hardware and the hardware guys didn't get to see the software till it was unveiled. Also, the iPhone was codenamed “M68”. The employees working on this project were secretly trained to attend the meetings quietly and there used to be codewords for employees to talk about it. They also had to keep an eye out if someone questioned, “What’s M68?”.
23) In the first quarter of 2014, Apple made more money than Facebook, Google and Amazon combined.

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