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Your Zodiac Sign Has Changed, for Real?

Love em or hate em, you can’t discount the popularity of zodiac signs and our generation’s fascination with them.Recently, a report started making rounds that the Zodiac signs as we knew them were all wrong, and that new ones were ‘discovered’ by NASA. Let’s get to the bottom of this and separate the facts from the fiction.

The Zodiac “Ophiuchus”

Cosmopolitan reported earlier that NASA has “sneakily added” another zodiac sign to the original 12. This story spread like wild fire like all rumors do, and eventually NASA took notice of it as well.

The story went that NASA had shifted around the dates for the original horoscopes and added in a thirteenth zodiac called “Ophiuchus”.

What’s really fishy about this is not that there was another zodiac added or the original dates changed, but the presumption that NASA was doing it. This made a lot of people take notice. Something didn’t add up here.

Many people had but just one question about the whole affair – how can a department such as NASA end up doing something completely unrelated to science?

Turns out they didn’t. A spokesperson from NASA, Dwayne Brown says it loud and clear,NASA studies Astronomy not Astrology. We didn’t change any Zodiac signs, we just did the math.

The webpage Cosmopolitan (and others who spread the news) links to also mentions right at the start that Astrology is not science. That there is a difference between Astrology and Astronomy.

What’s Really Going On

In ancient times, Babylonians used the constellations that appeared in the sky during various periods of time and associated them with gods and different myths. That’s how Zodiac signs came into being.

What NASA says is that after Babylonians named the 12 different zodiacs after the constellations 3000 years ago, Earth has slightly shifted its axis. It doesn’t point towards those same constellations in the same time periods any more.

The “13th Zodiac” always existed, it wasn’t included because in ancient times they didn’t think it would fit in with the other 12 with their corresponding time periods.NASA only shows how Earth’s axis has shifted to point towards different constellations. It has by no means declared the existence of another zodiac sign.

Somehow the original news article about NASA adding another zodiac sign twisted the information mentioned on the page linked earlier to mean something completely different.In other words, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Do your research first. For those who can’t read, there is no new zodiac sign discovered the old ones are still relevant.

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