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Now watch your favourite movies through Facebook with new platform Flickstree

Now watch your favourite movies through Facebook with new platform Flickstree
India's first entertainment platform that recommends movies and also shows where to watch them!
6thSeptember, 2016 Mumbai: “What to watch” and “Where to watch” is the most common worry seen amongst the audience who prefer downloading movies online. Taking advantage of this, a team of technology enthusiasts figured a way to help ease out movie downloading with an innovative movie recommendation platform called ‘Flickstree’. Being one of a kind, Flickstree will also be using popular platform Facebook via the Facebook messenger chatbot to give its users best movie recommendations.

Flickstree is world’s first fully automated movie recommendation bot. It is also India’s first entertainment bot that will help users discover movies basis their inputs and will show them the availability of the recommended movie online. Facebook’s Flickstree bot is extremely useful and intelligent as it uses the native AI features developed by Facebook itself to help users discover movies.

Flickstree is all about watching movies at your convenience; anywhere, anytime and in the preferred language. It recommends movies to users on the basis of their tastes and preferences using advanced machine learning techniques. The technique is created for users to identify their dominant genres, preferred languages, movie era preferences, favourite actors and directors. 

Flickstree’s vision is to be the global hub for discovering personalized entertainment content for each and every user across any format of content with best and honest reviews. In addition, Flickstree comes in with an array of fun elements like create your own playlist; connect with film critics, follow like minded people and also create a movie calendar to make your journey from downloading a movie to enjoying it hassle free.

All your movie related worries are now just a click away with Flickstree. Right from helping you select the right movie to conveniently downloading it, Flickstree is your way to go!

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