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LeTV Bluetooth Speaker Review : Simple, Sleek and Affordable

LeEco brings its new portable LeTV Bluetooth Speaker at an affordable price of INR 1999. It is available on the official site of LeEco, LeMall. It comes in four colour variant: Blue, Pink, Black and Orange. Lets check out if it worth our buy or not.

Box Contents:

1. Letv Bluetooth Speaker
2. Charging cable

The speaker came in a plain cardboard box. When opened it, I was welcomed by this cylindrical speaker and a charging cable. That’s it you get in the box with this Bluetooth speaker, which looks quite comfortable and portable.


LeTV Bluetooth speaker has a stylish curved cylindrical body, both the end has a smooth plastic finish. The LeTV logo is on the single circular button is at the top between the LED notification lights. The lower base has a rubber carved holding so it can keep up with different surfaces and not slide down. All the component gives the speaker a classy body design.


The speaker comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and can be connected with different devices like Smartphone, Laptops, I-pods and other music player which has Bluetooth playback options.

The connectivity is simple, just press the button of the speaker until the blue colour lit up. It also gives a sound on waking up and when is connected to the playback device. The built-in high sensitivity microphone makes the communication easier.

  • One button control provides a hassle free bluetooth experience.
  • Along with playing music, one can also pick up the call or drop from the speaker itself. It comes with a built-in mic which allow to answer the incoming all.
  • Despite of the 1200mAh battery and the inside technical equipment, it doesn’t feel very bulky and can be easily portable.
  • Maximum power output of the speaker is 5W + 5W.
  • A special PU suspension and speaker cone made up of unique material mixture to deliver powerful bass and good sound quality.
  • 270 degree stereo sound system to project sounds in three direction with its unique cavity design.
  • Sound Delivering Units: 1.57in (40mm) active units x 2 + 1.85in (47mm) passive units x 2


The sound quality of the speaker is really impressive, both the delivering units posses a good strength to deliver a good quality output. The delivered music was rich in bass as well as the clarity. Although on increasing the sound level to max, the output comes with bit of distortion.

The battery backup is one of the major factor of the speaker, it last for 7 hours on my continuous playback. The speaker takes less than one and half to fully charge itself since it has DC 5V 500mAh charging unit.

Overall LeTV Bluetooth speaker is a great compact device with an amazing sound quality. At a price tag of just 1999 INR you are getting a powerful device which is portable as well as has descent battery life.

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