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Guess which country uses the most emoji every day?

Ah, emoji – a blessing or a curse depending on how you feel about them. But whether your prefer the good old written language, still dig old school ;) emoticons, sprinkle a few emoji here and there like seasoning or converse entirely in Unicode hieroglyphics, emoji are here to stay. But some countries use them waaay more than others. Can you guess which nationality uses emoji the most every day?

First up, let’s start with the country that uses emoji the least. In a country with the largest population on earth, you might think that abbreviated pictograms would be popular, seeing as they’re designed to help bridge language barriers and all. But despite having 22 official languages, 150 languages with sizeable populations and over 1600 mother tongues, emoji is not one of them in India.

In contrast to the nation with the highest percentage of daily emoji users at 71%, India is at the other end of the scale with just 29% of Indians using emoji on a daily basis. Why this is I have absolutely no idea. If you’re thinking it might be the lack of smartphone penetration, with less than one-third of Indians owning a smartphone, keep in mind this data comes from 10,000 Facemoji keyboard users, who obviously need a smartphone in order to be counted.

As for the U.S., it splits the difference between the least emoji-fueled nation and the most emoji-obsessed with 48% of Americans using emoji on the daily. Again, why only half of U.S. emoji keyboard users actually use emoji each day is a little surprising. I mean, why install an emoji keyboard if you’re not, you know, kinda obsessed with emoji? Whatever the case, I know you came here to find out who uses the most emoji of all.

The French. That’s right, for reasons that may remain a mystery to all of us non-Francophones forever, our French brothers and sisters are the most emoji-hungry nation on earth with 71% of them using emoji every single day. I’m not sure if there are an inordinate amount of baguette, crepe, croissant and emoji or not, but the French are clearly onto something. And that something is pictorial.

In case you’re interested, Mexico, the Philippines and Brazil took spots 2-4 respectively, with 55%, 52% and 51% of their Facemoji keyboard users on the 😀 daily emoji tip. The U.S. was fifth with 48%, followed closely by the UK (47%) and Spain (46%).

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