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Google Pixel can be priced at $649, here is everything that we know about it..

We’re closing in on the October 4th unveiling of the new Google Pixel smartphones, and the rumors are coming in thick and fast. The latest suggests that these phones might be a bit more expensive than previous Nexus handsets, with prices potentially starting at $649.

This isn’t the first time that this price has been floated for the new Pixel phones, however it was was previously thought that this seemingly high price tag would be reserved for the larger Pixel XL. However, a source now suggests that this price is actually intended for the smaller 5-inch Pixel. Furthermore, this might just be for the base model with 32GB of internal storage, other models and Google’s Daydream View headset accessory could further add to the cost. So the larger Pixel XL might be priced even higher!

To soften the damage to your wallet, the same source also suggests that Google will introduce financing options with the Pixel. It’s not clearly exactly how much this will cost or in which countries financing will be available, but a Fi subscription won’t be required. Google also apparently has plans to offer accidental damage coverage and a further year’s warranty for both phones, which are said to be priced at $99 for Pixel and $119 for Pixel XL.

Google is planning to sell the handsets through its online Store, although Verison will apparently play the part of Google’s exclusive high street retail partner. The phones are said to be arriving in your choice of aluminium, black, and blue color options, with a range of cases to pick from too.

Of course, this is just a rumor for now and pricing is the one detail that is very open to change right up until release. Still, what do you think about the potential $649 starting price tag?

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