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Free Internet Hacks for Reliance Mobile

Happy news for the Reliance Sim Users! Today, I am going to tell you tricks for getting the free internet on your mobile and PC using your Reliance Telecom sim.

What is Reliance Telecom?

As we all know, Reliance Telecom is a subsidiary company of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and is the fourth largest telecom operator in India, today. Reliance Telecommunication has covered over 21,000 cities and over 400,000 villages across India. It has established next generation, Pan-India, convergent digital network (video, voice, and data), integrated wireless and wireline network across the country. Till the date, there are over 118 million Reliance customers including 2.8 million overseas customers.

What is the meaning of Free Internet Hacks for Reliance Mobile?

I will share the latest internet tricks for the Reliance 2G and 3G network users. With the help of these tricks, you will be able to use FREE RELIANCE INTERNET on both your PC and mobile using your Reliance sim card.

Why do you need to use Free Internet Hacks?

Everyone who uses a mobile or computer knows the importance of the Internet. Today, we live in a world that any smart device user cannot imagine a life without the Internet. From recharging the mobile and paying bills to book tickets and credit/debit amounts in our banks, the Internet plays a very big and unavoidable part in it. But, as the need of the internet increases, the telecom network companies increase their data pack values. And Reliance in also one of them, who has recently increased the data packs up to 80%, which is very costly and thus some users have to switch from 3G to 2G while some have to leave the use of the Internet! Using my Free Internet Hacks for Reliance mobile, you will not need to switch your plans or to leave the wonderful world of the internet. If you have a new 3G Reliance sim, then you can get unlimited 3G GPRS tricks and if you have a 2G connection, you can get unlimited internet too or can switch to a 3G connection for getting better speed.

The Free Internet Hack for Reliance Mobile

Now, let me give you some really working Internet Hacks for Reliance network. Remember that these Internet tricks are based on proxy.

Trick-1: Use smartwap and rcomwap 

You can learn to switch for the smartwap apn for your Reliance Mobile on the web. Check the steps to activate free Internet on your Reliance connection, below:

a. Activate any small internet data pack
b. Activate any Facebook pack like 16 Rs data pack
c. Use smartwap or rcomwap apn
d. Set HTTP proxy: and set port 82, if you use Twitter plan, then set proxy: and set port 82
e. Start enjoying free Internet service by restarting your Reliance mobile

Trick-2: Unlimited Reliance 3G data for mobile without any data pack

If you do not want to activate any data pack and still want to use the Free Internet, then check out this amazing trick:

a. Open the settings menu in your Reliance Mobile
b. Go to the wireless and networks tab
c. Select the mobile networks
d. Go to network settings
e. Click on the “Access Point Names” tab
f. If you have dual sims, then select Reliance card and then click on the    menu at right upper corner and select a new Apn tab. If you have a single sim, then directly go to the New Apn tab
g. Edit or add new Access point
h. Enter name as mdtricks and set Apn as smartwap
i. Now set the HTTP proxies for Facebook or Twitter as mentioned in the Trick-1 and set the port no as 82
j. Save the settings and enjoy Free Internet

If you want to use free Internet on your PC, then make the settings as mentioned below:

a. Open your web browser (I recommend Mozilla Firefox)
b. Open the options menu
c. Click on the advanced tab and then go to the network tab
d. Click on the settings button and then click on Manual Proxy Configuration
e. Set the proxy and port as mentioned above and as shown in the screenshots
f. Save the settings
g. Open home page and enjoy free Internet with your Reliance sim

If you face slow internet speed, then you can disable javascript from the settings menu in your web browser and enjoy the high speed.


I hope you got interested in the above discussion for the Free Internet Hacks for Reliance Mobile. These tricks really worked with my friends who are using Reliance connection on their mobiles. If you are a Reliance user, then you must try these tricks which are having no risks. If you are not a Reliance mobile user and still want to enjoy free internet service, simply switch to Reliance and get the benefits. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, click the social buttons and share these amazing Free Internet hacking tricks among your social networks.

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