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6 Tips to Fix Your Smartphone Problems on your own

Sushant Khairnar, Chief Product Officer

When it comes to smartphones, we all face some of the most common problems like space issues, poor battery life, connectivity issues and the list just goes on. But how many of us actually know how to fix these problems? Yes, you can actually do it yourself. Mr. Sushant Khairnar, Chief Product Officer, gives some of these quick fixes…

1. Insufficient Storage

When you keep getting the insufficient storage error, the first thing to do is, uninstall all the unwanted apps that have been occupying tons of space on your phone. This will free up some space and keep your device running smoothly. The next thing to do is, move some of the apps, pictures and large files from your device to the SD card and you’ll be amazed to see the amount of space you’re left with. Lastly, make it a habit to clear the cache (phone’s temporary storage area). Remember, every app on your phone fills space with cached files and clearing these can create enough space.To clear the cache
* Go to your settings

* Select Apps

* Choose an app which has cache (Facebook, Twitter, Game, Chrome)

* Hit clear cache

2. When Your Phone Freezes

Phones usually slow down when the internal storage is almost full. So again, delete unwanted apps, move your photos and videos to the drop box or SD card and avoid using live wallpapers.Do not forget to close all the open apps that cause your phone to freeze or you could try restarting your phone. We also highly recommend the Clean Master app, which is available free of cost on the Google Play Store. It does clean up your device by removing all the junk and improves your phone’s performance. 

3. Phone Slowing Down?
Your phone was super fast when you first bought it, right? But it isn’t as zippy as it used to be. Well, we’ve all been there! When your phone starts to slow down and apps take longer to open and run, try deleting some apps, clearing the cached data and check your SD card if you have one. An SD card can actually mess up your phone’s speed, so change it if you must. Also, check for updates on your phone and if that doesn’t work, do a factory reset. Factory resetting clears everything on the phone and makes it look like what it was when you first opened the box.

4. If Your Battery Drains Quickly
The simplest way to prolong your phone’s battery is to change your brightness settings. Avoid the auto brightness setting and keep it as dim as possible because it consumes too much battery. Remove unnecessary widgets from the home screen, like the social networking and news apps that stay on your home screen for real-time updates. If you can, turn off your notifications and especially, GPS when not in use. By the way, did you know that it’s good to let your battery die once in a while? Yes, fully discharging and then recharging your phone’s battery is actually good for the battery. Jokes apart, it helps maintain its charge capacity.

5.Got an App Crashing Issue?
Most of us depend on some apps to get through our day-to-day lives and we know how frustrating it can be when those apps keep crashing 10 times a day. Well, there’s no specific reason for app crashing butif this regularly happens, check if there’s an update available for the app or phone and update it. You could also try uninstalling and re-installing the crashed app on your phone.

6.Connectivity Issues
This isa verycommon issue with almost all handsets. The next time you face problems connecting to bluetooth, Wi-Fi or the cellular network, just switch on the airplane mode for a few seconds and turn it off. If that doesn’t work, try switching off your cellular network and switching it on again.

If none of these quick fixes work, then your phone definitely has some serious issues and probably needs to be repaired. No matter what the problem, with the OnsiteGo Extended Warrantyplan you never have to worry about how to fix your phone or where to give it for repair. OnsiteGo picks, repairs and delivers the product at your doorstep within 14 to 21 working days, at no extra cost. Let us also tell you that the plan starts immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. And worry not, as all the repairs are done at authorized service centers across India. So do not fear, for OnsiteGo is with you!Check out for more information.

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