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•In today’s fragmented and digital world, it is very difficult to choose the right marketing specialist/partner and then get the output right the first time. In the process, one loses a lot of time, at times money and most importantly the faith in that marketing domain. These problems aggravate if you are a non-marketer in your education or experience & have not or cannot hire a full-time marketing head for your business.

•YellowBulbs is focused on solving this problem by helping these businesses (SMEs, Startups and Established) to discover marketing specialists and ideas and help them find the best match through it proprietary software

•For brands looking for quick service, a special feature called Brand Box has been introduced. This helps the brands find competitively priced ready-to-use-package based on their needs for a project that needs an immediate kickstart.

•One stop shop for marketers: A range of small-to-mid-size agencies, hot shops, and experienced and committed freelancers only. No part time or casual Freelancer is invited.

•Looking for quality marketing service? Find Solution Partners who undergo a 100 point Verification Test – Only those who score 75 qualify to get verified.

•Not a listing platform but a solution-driven platform.

The evolution of digital in the marketing industry has changed the way brands interact with their consumers. It has created an ever-rising need of creative ideas that could make a brand stand out and have an ever-lasting impression on their consumers' minds.

This evolution brought forth many medium and small creative agencies and freelancers that had some striking ideas that could take the digital marketing world by storm. But, it’s not easy for these creative minds to reach to the Brands or the SMEs across the country. Brands are also looking for creative ideas, 24/7.  To fulfill this gap, the husband-wife duo, Vivek and Nehal Modi came up with the concept of YellowBulbs – The #MarketingMarketplace.

With YellowBulbs, Vivek planned to cut down this inefficiency and allow businesses to reach out to solution/service partners who could give them a customised solution in time and at a very competitive pricing.

Building business into brands:

YellowBulbs is a marketing marketplace, a unique platform that connects the brand and the creative minds. In times when brands face the challenge of timeliness coupled with creative ideas, YellowBulbs, handholds the two ends to come together for services that could revolutionise their market. The aim: "Turn your Business Into a brand."

The collection of service seekers:

•         Brands
•         Small-medium enterprises
•         Startups and
•         Individual professionals

The collection of service partners:

•         Small & Mid-size Agencies
•         Experienced & committed Freelancers

Eight broad categories YellowBulbs operates in:

•       Digital marketing
•       Event and activation
•       Design and communication
•       Website and app
•       Video and film
•       Blogs and content
•       Audio and Radio,
•       Public relation

Amalgamation of quality, convenience & transparency
  •          Free registration
  •          Visibility
  •          Quick service
  •          Verification
  •          Secure and transparent platform
  •          Distance no constraint
  •          Pay as you want Pricing Model for Solution Partners
Going ahead:

YellowBulbs, which went online in May 2016, received a huge response within a month of operation and witnessed a successful growth in Alexa ranking, is now planning to go big. With a plan to invest in the technology and bring to the platform more transparent, quick and precise solutions to both service seekers and partners, YellowBulbs aims to raise a seed fund. The company plans to further expand its team along with a stronger technology. It also aims to diversify this business into four verticals -- marketplace, tech marketing, events and seminars, and sponsorships.

While the marketplace is the current model, with tech marketing the company aims to tie up with brands through apps; in events and seminar vertical the company aims to set up platforms and organize seminars that would bring together the suppliers, the brands and the consumers on the same platform and interact like never before; and in sponsorships YellowBulbs would help brands and large events find the right sponsor.

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