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With SlideApp Earn Free Points To Shop Online

The average person unlocks their smartphones over 100 times a day. What if you could work towards earning something tangible each time you did that? That’s the premise behind SlideApp.

SlideApp is a lock screen app for Android mobile phones that provides the users with the content of their interest at their finger tips and rewards them at the same time. The App allows the user to choose and read the content and in turn, the user earns redeemable reward points with every slide.The user can redeem the points to recharge their phone and to even shop online.

The content is carefully selected and presented to ensure that what the users read is interesting, fun and makes them smile. Launched in Nov 2015, the app has ever since been driven by the motive of letting the information reach maximum number of people, ensuring relevance and quality. This app has turned into a media platform that offers updates from various topics that are of interest to the users. SlideApp incentivizes users for reading more on the app; be it content that’s from publishers/advertisers or curated content from bloggers.

The app rewards each time the user reads the content and thereby creates a platform to enable advertisers to profile target their audience in the form of content most relevant to them. Slide app has attempted to create a multi benefit usage model for business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B).

It’s a new age advertising tool and helps the marketers immensely in promoting their brands/companies and reaching out to the right target audience. A company may invest money into advertising or marketing or in various ATL and BTL activities to reach out to its target audience but the ROI may not be in the same proportion. Whereas, through this app both the company and the consumers stand to benefit and every penny invested reaps benefits.

During the last six months, the user base for Slide App has grown exponentially and the app has received a tremendous response due to focused efforts into marketing it well.It’s very difficult for an app to acquire users but Slide App has created a huge user base and has been able to retain them as well. The users are really happy with the App and find it very informative as well, the best part is they earn while they learn.

The app downloads is almost on the verge of hitting a million and the number is only increasing each day. It is a perfect portal for consumers and publishers as what gets shared gets consumed and both stand to gain. With this App, the users get productive and can use every bit of their time reading content that’s fun, informative and even lets them earn that extra buck!

SlideApp is a concept and it’s behaviour too! The idea is about forming a habit! 

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