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Book Review: A Window Seat by Vishala Katta

Book: A Window Seat: Three Runaways| One Journey| One Ending
Author: Vishala Katta
Publisher: Frog Publisher
Pages: 251
Price: Rs 250
Genre: Fiction
Vishala Katta writes about the untold stories that ordinary people carry on their shoulders. She finds extreme gleeful childlike pleasure in conversations with strangers and other creatures that choose to respond. Originally, an engineer, she set out to pursue her love for Communications at Mudra Institute of Communication, (MICA) Ahmedabad. She is currently residing in Delhi doing her daily corporate grind as a marketing and communications professional. While most of her day is spent on her seat at work, the rest of the time she is busy lecturing her better half about feminism and travelling to places with the sound of water.

Vishala has come this time with new story "A Window Seat" as the name and cover itself suggest it is story about three runaways who are trying to find their destiny. 

When a dying corporate professional escapes into a train to somewhere, he finds himself become a storyteller of old mythological tales. Tagging along is ten year old Hari who is looking for his parents he lost in the trains. Together their adventures lead them to debating with priests, dancing with eunuchs, sharing meals and conversing casually about death with random strangers.

A runaway wife tags along with these annoying mavericks. Taking her first train she is all ready to be an actress. That night, what begins as a harmless conversations changes their fate completely. What makes them hold on to each other for longer? Do they find what they were looking for? What happens when they bump into each other few years later? But do all of them make it alive? A window seat is all about those conversations with strangers that seem to change you unknowingly.

Vishala get the idea of theme of book, when she saw daily people go about their struggles with absolute no encouragement and acknowledgement she felt inspired by their actions.  Everyone has a story to tell and everybody’s life can be a movie.

Vishala thinks that this script is ready to be casted. So, if this book were a movie she totally see Hrithik Roshan ( as the young corporate professional turned maverick ), Priyanka Chopra ( Runaway wife on her way to be an actress ) and Darsheel ( Looking for his parents he lost ).
Now, on my personal point of view this is one of the best book I have read lately. When reading the book I was myself sitting on A Window Seat in a train. I was so lost in this well knit story that I was not able to contemplate when I reached my destination.  I would love to see A Window Seat as movie.
“There is no shame in doing the right thing , even if its too late.” 
― Vishala KattaA Window Seat 

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