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Amazon Gives Approval To Rocking Deals For Selling Used Products On Its ‘Amazon Used’

Amazon allows Rocking Deals to sell used products on its ‘Amazon Used.’ The deal happened last month and is turning out to be a win-win situation for both the companies. Whenever we hear of the term ‘used’, the only thought that strikes our mind is that ‘This product won’t be as good as new’. The trust factor is always low.
Amazon is one of the largest online shopping portals that deal in watches, phones, tablets, electronics etc. It is trusted by millions of customers for buying goods online. Amazon expanded its portal to Amazon Used where people can buy pre-owned products at a lesser price.

There is a lot of responsibility for a Brand Name like Amazon to maintain the same trust of their customers on used products like on the brand new ones. The choice of the third company selling used product had to be done very wisely.

On this occasion Mr. Yuvraj Aman Singh, Founder and CEO, Rocking Deals said” We are really felling very proud that Amazon has put in its full trust in us. We are extremely happy to do business with a Brand name like Amazon. Though we sell refurbished and used phones but still people can put in their complete Trust. We are very particular about the product quality. All the products undergo a comprehensive quality-check process. We believe in maintaining relationship with our customers so that they never have to think about any other option while buying an unboxed phone next time. This is the only reason that we have become the first choice of Amazon to get this approval and have also succeeded in selling 150-200 units every day through Amazon Used, making a business of approximately 10 lakhs per day. I am sure that this association will be fruitful for both the companies.”

One month ago, Amazon gave the authorization for selling used products on its ‘Amazon Used’ to Rocking Deals. 

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