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5-8% of total handsets sold in India gets returned & then sold as unboxed

New Delhi: Business dynamics is rapidly changing today, whether they are specialty products, luxury goods or daily consumer goods–the ways they are sold and purchased are undergoing rapid metamorphosis. The latest growing craze in the market is refurbished factory seconds-products, including electronics, IT products, telecom gadgets and others. India is a rising market power with vast untapped potential and the refurbished market here has a great potential for the coming years.

Refurbished goods are a great way to meet aspirational value without paying too much. Demand for refurbished and unboxed electronics products in the country is rising, driven majorly bybuyers from tier II and III cities looking for a good bargain, finds a ShopClues survey. 70% of the demand for used or unboxed mobiles, tablets and laptops now comes from these smaller cities, such as Hisar and Nashik. The survey also found that as many as two-thirds of the buyers in these cities were willing to pay upfront while ordering. But the companies are witnessing a rise in demand from metros, too. On an average, the ratio, today, would be 40 per cent from top metros and 60 per cent from the remaining cities.

One of the biggest players today & first movers in the country operating since 2005 in refurbished and Unboxed phones is Rocking Deals whose CEO Mr. Yuvraj Aman Singh shares some more light on the industry “We know everyone is looking for a deal and yes India has the maximum youngsters in the country, In tier 1 and 2 towns youngsters don’t keep phones for years and prefer using the latest technology and swap to a newer better product. We feel in that stage when the whole lifecycle of a device is 5-6 months we must be able to give newer and better products to our customers and make them our lifetime customers. As ecommerce is here to stay and has taken over the world the returns would always be coming. Selling the same with Authenticity and commitment of a long term lifecycle, we try our level best to keep the customers happy. 5-8% returns of the total handsets sold in India makes the business a multimillion dollar rotational business and upgrading our customers multiplies the turnovers many folds” 

“If by not having a brand seal on the product makes you save 30-50% with the brand warranty users see it as a great deal. Currently we are selling through AMAZON INDIA, EBAY, SNAPDEAL, SHOPCLUES, QUIKR, JUNGLEE and Zopper. Being the largest suppliers and having a quality and stock commitments, Rocking Deals commands the market. More and more people are getting to know the concept of the unboxed phones and more than advertisement word of mouth helps.” Concludes Mr. Singh.

About the company

Rocking Deals is catering to a customer base of more than a million customers now. First agreement that Flipkart ever did for mobile phone returns in the country was with Rocking Deals. The company has built over the years a reputation for selling genuine products and getting the best deals to their customers. They buy from mostly all the brands, portals and distribution houses in the country.

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