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Zip Code Wilmington's Graduates Land Software Development Jobs, Increase Earnings, In 12 Weeks

Zip Code Wilmington, a coding boot camp offering a 90-day training course in computer programming, has graduated its second class of 27 Java developers.  All of those graduating have been placed in jobs following the completion of their coursework, with 25 students (93%) receiving offers for direct hire positions and paid apprenticeships.  The remaining two graduates received unpaid internships.
All 27 graduates are working in software development roles and are working at Bank of America, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, WSFS Bank, Marlette Funding, Comcast, CSC, Barclays, Diamond Technologies and Counsl.  Before entering Zip Code Wilmington, these graduates were earning an average annual salary of under $30,000.  Those graduates in paid positions are now earning an average annual salary of nearly $65,000.
"We are very happy with the continued success of our students in finding jobs with our corporate partners," said Jim Stewart, co-founder and President of Zip Code Wilmington.  "We have a prestigious group of companies who have helped us from the beginning to make our program a great success."
Since its inception, Zip Code has placed over 95% of its 43 graduates in paid positions, with over 90% placed by their graduation date.  They are employed at 11 different companies with an average annual salary in excess of $60,000.  In late April, Zip Code enrolled its third class of 25 students who will graduate in July.
Zip Code Wilmington also announces the appointment of Melanie Augustin as the new Head of School.  Melanie joined Zip Code in October of 2015 as the Director of Corporate Partnerships.
Zip Code co-founder and Trustee Ben du Pont said, "We are very fortunate to have Melanie as part of our growing organization.  She is a critical factor in our success to date and will lead us to further progress in our goal to develop qualified candidates for tech jobs in Wilmington."

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