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WhatsApp let's users send messages with quotes

WhatsApp has got a new feature that will let users quote messages when replying. While earlier this week, the new feature was spotted in beta builds of WhatsApp for Android, it is now rolling out for most users across Android and iOS running the general release builds from Google Play and the App Store.
The message quotes and replies feature is self-explanatory and the user needs to long press a message in any conversation to see a reply option pop up alongside star, delete, forward, and copy. 

On tapping the reply button, the original message will appear as a quote, and users can reply to that. On the receiver's end, the quoted message will appear as a grey box with the reply below it. The feature works on one-to-one chats as well as group chats.
The Facebook-owned messaging service has been adding new features at a steady pace. The company was recently spotted testing the video calling feature  briefly on its Android beta app. On the iOS beta of the App on the other hand, recently saw the inclusion of gif image sharing support.
Earlier this year, the messaging service WhatsApp announced that it now had 1billion monthly active users
The last month update to the platform was last month - the addition of documents sharing  on WhatsApp Web. Shortly before that, the company rolled out its first desktop app for Windows and OS X.

After a month of beta testing, WhatsApp has finally rolled out v2.12.250 to Android users, which brings a number of features to the popular messaging app. Not only do you get more control over your messaging options with the new update, it also gives you more emojis and decreases the amount of data used in WhatsApp calls.

5 new features that the latest WhatsApp update has brought to Android:

  • Android users can mark messages as unread even after reading them.To be clear, this feature does not make it appear as if you have not read the message yet, and your messages will appear as read to senders even after you mark them as unread. Instead, it can be used to highlight messages so you can get back to them later.

  • Custom notifications: WhatsApp is bringing its whole set of custom options, which were available only for the whole app till now, for individual contacts.

     For example, if you want to set a          specific ringtone for a contact,              you can select any song from your        playlist, so you know the messages      and calls are from that particular        person even without looking at            your smartphone.

     Similarly, you can set notification          light colours, custom call and                  message contain ringtones, enable        or disable vibrations and pop-up            notifications for each contact.

  • Mute individual contacts :


     Till now, we have only been able to        mute group conversations, but with      the new update Android users are          able to mute individual contacts as        well. 
    If you want to mute any person on         your contact list, check the Mute bar     in the About menu. Slide the Mute         bar to the right and you will see             duration for which you can mute the     chat: 8 hours, a week, or a year.

  • Lower data consumption in WhatsApp calls:
    If you make a lot of WhatsApp calls       and want to reduce your data                 consumption, WhatsApp has added a     new option in the app for that                 purpose.
    Under Chats and Calls menu in               Settings, you will notice a new                 option called Low Data Usage at the       bottom of the scroll. Just click the           box and you will be able to save             some data while making voice calls       using WhatsApp.

  • New emojis and more skin tones:

   The new update brings a set of new      emojis to WhatsApp for Android,      c    such as the Spock salute, the rather-      rude middle finger, more diverse            facial emojis, and a bunch of LGBT  c    emojis. On top of that, several emojis    now come in different skin tones.

  • But no Google Drive integration
   Though we saw Google Drive                  integration in the beta testing stage,      the latest Android update for                  WhatsApp has excluded it. We expect    it to be rolled out in the near future,      and make backing up chats, images,      videos, voice messages etc much            easier.

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