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Sony launches XPeria X

 Sony brought its Xperia X smartphone family to India last week. The handsets launched include the flagship Xperia X, as well as Xperia XA and Xperia XA Ultra. While the star of the show, the Xperia X, is priced at Rs 48,990 and will hit the shelves starting June 7, its less powerful sibling Xperia XA costs Rs 20,990 and will be available starting June 18.

The Japanese tech giant has not yet revealed the pricing and availability details of the Xperia XA Ultra. However, we are expecting the device to launch within this month itself.   Sony has been modifying its smartphones since forever, refining over the Xperia handsets each year to deliver a filtered and improved version next year. This time too, the company has worked hard on the Xperia X and its key elements like build quality, battery and the camera. This is not only to showcase the best of Sony, but also to make the handset worthy of carrying the legacy of the the now-discontinued Xperia Z series.

Design and display 
It goes without saying that Sony, since the launch of the Xperia Z1 in 2013, has been tweaking a singular smartphone design every year. The appearance of Xperia X is not that different as it largely rocks the same design as that of the Xperia Z line-up. Although some might find it boring, the familiar design works in Sony's favour in a way, making its smartphones easily distinguishable and recognizable among others.  

Despite sporting a metallic build, the back panel of the Xperia X led us to believe otherwise. The front is completely covered with 2.5D glass which is highly prone to scratches, especially at corners. We used the smartphone for a week, treating it like we treat our personal handsets, and the Xperia X's display already developed some scratches at the corners.

At front there are two small speakers, one on top and other at the bottom of the display along with a front-facing camera and the usual array of sensors. The power button, which also doubles up as a fingerprint sensor, volume rocker and the dedicated camera button sit on the right side. The bottom houses the microUSB port, while the 3.5mm headphone jack is on top. On the left you have the SIM/microSD card tray.

The back houses the rear camera and LED flash on the top-left, and the 'Xperia' branding in the centre.   Regardless of the materials used in the Xperia X's construction, we still found the handset impressive. The smartphone, as said by Hiroshi Takano, Deputy Head of Research, Sony at the time of its launch, fits perfectly in to the hand. It provides a firm grip, thanks to the sharp corners and compact design. If you are coming from a smartphone with 5.5-6- inch display size, this will be a welcome change. The screen and side control buttons are easily accessible.

Just by looking at the specifications, it's easy to conclude that Sony has clearly jumped the line by pricing the Xperia X at Rs 48,990. It is worth pointing out that competitors in the same price range deliver everything from better and larger displays to more capable processors.   As mentioned before, the company receives thumbs up for the display, design and features like fingerprint sensor, quick image capture and more.

However, there could've been a lot more on the platter. Performance-wise, the handset is no less than any other flagship in the market.   Sony's key selling points for the Xperia X are its camera capabilities, form factor and battery. However, at such a price, we can only hope that Sony sees enough sales in India, where smartphones with 5-inch Full HD displays, octa-core processors, big batteries and more are easily available at less than half the price.

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