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Qualcomm Snapdragon 1100 Soc For Wearables Launched

Qualcomm has launched a new Snapdragon 1100 SoC Processor at Computex 2016. This processor is especially made for wearable products. The new processor brings a lots of functionalities like longer battery life, smarter sensing, secure location, and LTE support. The wearable processor is available to OEMs already, with the first products due to be announced shortly.

The Wear 1100 SoC processor is more focused on simpler devices like fitness trackers. It comes with LTE support, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Qualcomm has partnered with several companies like Aricent, Borqs, Infomark, and SurfaceInk providing reference software platforms in order to bring this new tech into the market. 

The Snapdragon Wear 1100 SoC also brings slow power mode called Power Save Mode (PSM), a much needed in smartwatches today. Companies like Anda Technologies, inWatch and WeBandz announced plans to bring wearable products targetted for kids and elders using the Qualcomm chipsets alongside the reference platforms available.

The Snapdragon 1100 SoC joins the already existing Qualcomm portfolio available for wearables. Qualcomm has already introduced Snapdragon Wear 2100, CSR102x Bluetooth Smart 4.2 SoC, and Qualcomm SiRFStar location into the wearable market. The company claims that more than 100 wearable products are now available with processors from Qualcomm.

The IDC reports that wearable shipments increased by 171 percent last year. It grew from 28.8 million to 78.1 million units last year, and Qualcomm understandably wants to make the most of this acceleration.

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