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OnePlus 3 : Beast in Class

Just two days ago, OnePlus reveals its most anticipated flagship killer smartphone OnePlus 3 with best in class specifications. It not have one of high end hardwares but also features Oxygen OS which is highly customizable. Snapdragon 820, 16 MP Sony IMX298 rear facing and 8MP front facing camera, Dash charging which can make your device ready for entire day in just 30 min and trust us we are just getting started with its specifications.

The Good Things 
There is hardly any doubt about excellence of hardware and software of OnePlus 3. It is in true sense the flagship killer of 2016. despite of having price tag of $399 it easily stand against Samsung S7 and iPhone 6, and in some cases it even surpasss them. Now, here are few good things about OnePlus 3.

Design : The aluminum frame looks and feels very high-quality, though perhaps a little boring.
Camera :  It's a totally capable camera for the price with good detail and accurate colors.
Storage : 64GB of speedy UFS 2.0 storage
General performance : The Snapdragon 820 doesn't get too hot and apps load quickly. As fast as more expensive phones in most instances.
Gestures : The screen-off gestures are useful and reliable.
Fingerprint sensor :  It's one of the fastest and most accurate I've used.
Connectivity : Supports band 12 and VoLTE on T-Mobile, dual SIMs
Alert slider : If you don't mind a few trade offs, this is a handy feature for controlling the notification mode.
Dash Charge : It's fast.
Price : The $399 asking price is reasonable for what you get. And no invites, finally.

Before we go toward some of bad things about  OnePlus 3, here is quick review of specs of this flagship killer:

The Bad Things
Display : The color calibration doesn't seem very good, and you can see some PenTile artifacts at 1080p.
RAM : 6GB of RAM in this phone is mostly a marketing gimmick.
Battery : The OnePlus 3 squeaks by with average battery life, but OP used a smaller battery this year than it did last year.
Alert slider again : Disables scheduled downtime and Android Wear notification mode control.
Buttons : I dislike the tiny unlabeled capacitive buttons.
Dash Charge  again : You only get fast charging with the included adapter and cable.

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