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LG Touches Emotional Chords With Innovative Video On Father’s Day!

Each year, 19th June is celebrated as Father’s day. We mostly celebrate it by conducting conventional dinners, lunches and pampering our daddy dearest. This year LG India has taken the initiative of celebrating Father’s Day with a twist by making a ground-breaking statement.
The idea is simple yet powerful. LG India has created a Digital video on Father’s day which seemingly looks like a father’s day video but is actually directed towards the powerful community of single mothers.

It starts with kids of varied age group talking about their aspirations, likes and how their dads contribute in their everyday life. The first kid talks about how he supports his dad spending some quality time with friends, while another kid discusses how his dad’s leg-shaving skills came in handy for his first shaving lesson.

This odd conversation about dads is funny, weird and keeps the audience glued. What truly hits is the end, when these little ones discloses that their actual dads are their single mothers. The mountain who protects and keeps everything together are their single working mothers, who is every bit a woman, not afraid to take the world by storm.

It is truly empowering to see women breaking rules and taking charge of their lives. Wearing the hat of a doting mother, a supportive father and a thorough professional with a smile is not only tough but needs a lot more than courage.

This father’s day, take a moment and watch as empowered women take their stand!


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