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LG launch X Boom Pro Speaker For Party Freaks

Are you a party freak? Then, Tecphlie and LG definitely have something for you. LG has launched latest audio offering with X Boom Pro Speaker – CM9960. 

X Boom Pro assures you super duper hit party with powerful sound while maintaining excellent audio quality. These power packed speakers come loaded with wonderful features that give you soul shattering entertainment.

Features of the X Boom Pro are:
  • Powerful playback - LG X Boom Pro Speaker features a CD player so that we can spin our favorite playlists as well as enjoy the tracks on the discs with our friends. It supports multiple formats including  CD, MP3, and WMA.
  • Multi Connectivity - Multi connectivity option gives us the freedom to connect almost any music device whether it’s laptop, smartphone or tablet. With the X Boom Pro speaker we can connect up to three devices wirelessly. It supports 2 Mic In , Portable In , 2 Aux In, H/P Out and 2 USB.
  • Impressive sound - X Boom Pro has an impressive 4800 Wattage RMS output which delivers powerful sound with excellent audio clarity.
  • Wireless sound sync via Bluetooth - We can enjoy our favorite music by wirelessly syncing the music on any device with the speaker via Bluetooth.
  • Sound Sync - This feature allows us to link our LG audio system with our LG HD TV wirelessly via Bluetooth. Hence, it cuts down on cable clutter.
  • Music Flow Bluetooth App – After downloading the LG Music Flow Bluetooth Application (available for both Android and iOS) we can control speakers via our smartphone. 
  • Pro LG DJ Mixer – This feature allows us to mix audio files like a professional DJ and create seamless party playlists with LGs Auto DJ mode. 
  • Party Thruster – This speaker comes with a lever which we can slide to ramp up our parties.
  • X Boom Plus – With this we can connect our Pro to another compatible speaker either wired or wirelessly to expand the sound and rev up the volume.
  • DJ Effect – Enjoy great sound effects like flanger, phaser, wah and delay which can be created through the scratch/level control or the search knob. The user can download more sound effects via the Music Flow Bluetooth app.
  • Sampler Creator – We can record sound effects on our smartphone and sync them via Bluetooth to the system.
  • Multi Juke Box – We can connect up to three Bluetooth phones at the same time. The Juke Box feature also enables us to make a playlist of our favorite tracks. 
  • Voice Canceller – This option reduces the audio level of the vocals of the singer and with original background music intact, enjoy singing along to your favorite songs.
  • Key Changer – This feature allows us to adjust the key to suit your vocal range. You can adjust the key ether 4 steps higher or 4 steps lower than the original key.
  • H/P Mode – Headphone monitoring Mode. When mixing music, press H/P MODE to select a monitoring mode. We can listen to the music being mixed or played in Source A or Source B.

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