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Cannabis Patch Innovator, RX Green, Files Counter Lawsuit Against Mary's Medicinals in Denver District Court

RX Green, developer and leader in all-natural cannabis products, such as the first All Natural Transdermal Cannabis Patch, announced they have filed suit against Mary's Medicinals, another Colorado-based cannabis product company. The suit contains allegations of an ongoing pattern of harassment, slander, threats, and violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. It also alleges that Mary's Medicinals owners participated in the dissemination of false information.
The suit was filed in Denver District Court against Eleutherian Enterprises, the parent company of Mary's Medicinals, including its owners, employees, and agents (Nicole Smith and Lynn Honderd; Trevor Gallup, Kavic Rason and David Karas). The charges include libel, slander, civil conspiracy, defamation, Consumer Protection Act violations, and intentional interference with contractual relations.
Mary's Medicinals has reportedly sold cannabis products that have a fraction of the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as advertised on the product labels. RX Green has obtained certified laboratory test results that clearly show the violation of the Consumer Protection Act.
Kelly Curtin, Spokesperson for RX Green stated, "We have seen false and malicious rumors spread via social media and online outlets. RX Green has always elected to take the higher road and refrain from participating in the illicit behavior. We remain focused on delivering all natural, effective products for the marijuana industry."
Curtin went on to say, "We are left with no other choice but to take legal action. Mary's Medicinals has engaged in harassment tactics, including written letters to RX Green dating back to June, 2015." The messages were reported to contain subject lines, such as "RX GREEN POISON," and contained false and malicious information.
According to the lawsuit, the investigation by RX Green has found that Smith and Honderd were the authors of the communications. The documents have also been linked to an IP address belonging to Mary's Medicinals, and they were sent to both current and potential vendors, distributors and customers of RX Green.
"RX Green has continued to receive overwhelming support and excitement around our all-natural product line," said Curtin. "We are looking forward to the future, and some of the new cutting edge products that will be developed and become available to our customers this year. The lawsuit for Mary's Medicinals has not impacted the production of our quality products, or our high levels of customer service."

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