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Campers and Tailgaters: U-Haul Introduces Refillable 1-LB Propane Cylinders in California

Economical and Environmentally Friendly Refillables will soon be available Nationwide

U-Haul, the leading U.S. retailer of propane for nearly 30 years, is unveiling a sustainable one-pound propane cylinder that will appeal to conservationists and cost-conscious customers alike.
The refillable cylinders are currently being rolled out in California and soon will be available nationwide at U-Haul-owned and -operated stores that supply propane and U-Haul neighborhood dealers who receive propane certification.
Customers will ultimately be able to call on thousands of U-Haul locations for this eco-friendly alternative to the disposable one-pound cylinders that currently saturate the market. And after a few refills, the savings will begin to add up for avid campers and tailgaters who were previously relegated to buying disposables from large retailers and sporting goods stores.
"With the one-pound refillables, U-Haul is acting as a responsible corporate citizen by providing a green solution to a growing problem, and doing so at a significant savings to the customer," U-Haul chief sustainability scientist Allan Yang said. "It is very unsafe to refill disposables, but our new cylinders are made for exactly that."
Refillable one-pound propane cylinders can be used to fuel portable grills, small stoves, portable heaters, lanterns and more. U-Haul refillables are available in two shapes: a tall, skinny tank and a shorter, stout tank.
A new U-Haul refillable is only $11.95 (includes a full cylinder) and can be used countless times over the life of its 12-year certification. Refills are just $1.95.
Comparatively, disposables can cost anywhere from $4 to $7 in California with 80 percent of the purchase going toward the canister. Factor in the unwelcomed environmental impact and the financial burden that cities bear to process disposables, and the benefits of refillables are clear.
U-Haul is joined in its sustainability push by the California Product Stewardship Council, whose Refuel Your Fun campaign asks Californians to switch from disposables to the environmentally friendly and efficient refillables.
"U-Haul deserves a lot of credit for leading the nation away from wasteful disposable cylinders and providing the convenience of refillables for their customers," Christine Flowers, assistant director with the California Product Stewardship Council, noted.
The refillables launch is just in time to accommodate summer campers in the Golden State, and is in ample time to take care of football tailgaters this fall.
As part of its launch, U-Haul is offering a free refillable one-pound propane cylinder to the first 25 customers who bring in four empty disposable one-pound cylinders from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today at U-Haul of Mountain View (62 W. El Camino Real) and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday at U-Haul of Downtown Sacramento (2830 Broadway). Anyone who turns in any empty disposable one-pound cylinder for the specified dates and locations above will receive a coupon for a free refill of a U-Haul one-pound cylinder.
U-Haul and CPSC will debut the product during events at 10 a.m. today at U-Haul of Mountain View and 10 a.m. Friday at U-Haul of Downtown Sacramento. Local public officials will be in attendance. Media members are welcome.
Once the product launches nationwide, U-Haul locations for purchasing/refilling these cylinders will be searchable via
"Corporate sustainability is ingrained in U-Haul thanks to our shared-use business model," Yang said. "Truck and trailer sharing is one of our core sustainable practices. U-Haul is always trying to better the environment and the communities in which we work and live, whether it's through the adaptive reuse of old buildings or cutting down on emissions through fuel efficiency and the proximity of neighborhood dealers.
"The introduction of refillable one-pound cylinders is another way U-Haul is meeting customer demand while being a good, responsible steward."
U-Haul began selling propane in 1984 and became the largest U.S. retailer of propane by 1987. Today, U-Haul proudly and safely supplies propane to thousands of customers daily across the U.S. and Canada.

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