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Bad Bulls Sports Club Organizes 1st Softball League In Delhi

Bad Bulls Sports Club organizes the first edition of Softball League 2016 in India which was held at Saket Sports Complex. The league was inaugurated by Dr. Pravin Anokar, Secretary General, Softball Association of India and Vijay Kumar, Secretary, Delhi softball Association.

Bad Bulls Sports Club is a Group of passionate sports persons who have been devotedly nurturing the game at not only at the National level but also at International level. The loyal and devoted members of this Group are volunteers from all strata of the society.

Mr. Britto Stephen, Organizing Secretary and Treasurer, Bad Bulls Sports Club said “This league is our first step to promote this game which is equivalent to any other sports loved in our country, we are sure the more we reach out with this game to the Indian masses the more it will be loved as there are equal benefits associated with this game like government job.”

Softball League is a three-day event on June 17, 18 & 19 among the 8 National Men’s team. The 8 participation teams are Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Kerala, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. The league is conceptualized by Bad Bulls Sports Club, this tournament is recognized by Delhi Softball Association.

Softball league is an effort to promote amateur baseball & softball at entry level among the common masses and also with colleges and schools to be taken up as an alternate from conventional sports games.

Mr. Anthony Vanarajah, General Secretary, Bad Bulls Sports Club said “Gone are the days when different sports were mainly played for recreational purpose or to satisfy the fitness demands. Students across the country have already represented India in the previous years, it’s sad that this isn’t acknowledged. Bad Bulls wants to give an opportunity to all those heroes to achieve the recognition they deserve and also a platform to the aspiring ball players to showcase their talent. We hope this tournament brings this game in the eyes of fellow Indians.” 

Softball is the platform for the existing teams to showcase their talent that is rare with this game. India has proven history in Softball and this game exists in our country for more than 7 decades. Since the beginning our Indian Teams both Men & Women have been representing India in Asian Championships. The game is to be played in two pools comprising of National teams from various states, the champion would be declared after the three-day tussle and sweating.

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