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Anything500, An Online Marketplace For Digital Services

We all know online market in India is expending at greater pace, there is a brand new entrant in the domain, endeavoring to promote and empower creative professionals in assuming complete autonomy on the work. 

Anything500 launched with a motive to streamline micro services in India, Anything500 is the destination for creative professionals to promote their work and for brands and businesses to directly engage with independent talent and get the work done instantly. The name of the brand carries its promise, providing a wide gamut of digital services at a base price of INR 500.

Anything500 is co-founded by Porus Arora, an alumnus of imperial management colleges from Bradford and Berkley and Mohit Madan, a tech evangelist. Driven with zeal to organize the digital services sector in India, the platform bridges the gap between brands looking for specific solutions and creative professionals willing to provide the same. 

From content and social media marketing, graphics and designing to relationships and counseling, any brand, individual and brand can access an extensive range of services available at the platform, for INR 500 only. 

Furthermore, any individual, small business owner or an organization can access a new sales and promotions channel by registering their presence at Anything500.

The unique appeal allows sellers to monetize their multiple skills, instead of being stuck in a monotonous job. Offering an easy access to a wide selection of buyer and seller consortium, the platform holds a lot of potential for the creative, innovating and bootstrapping user base at present. 

Offering services ranging from web design, logo creation, market research, animation, counseling, customized gifts and a lot more, the company is excited to discover the interesting possibilities sellers may find to sell online.

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