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With Google's Science Journal Now Science Lab Is In Your Pocket

To extract scientist within us Google has launched a new app that turns our phone into a powerful little research lab. The app called Science Journal, uses the sensors in phone to measure and record data in real time, including movement, light and sound.

With this app Google has once again proved that smartphone is not only about games, Whatsapp etc, Smartphone can be much more than that. The Android app puts a research lab in our pocket, making it possible to use smartphone’s sensors in ways that may not otherwise be readily accessible. As well, Science Journal can be used to store observational notes, generate graphs, and more.

In 3 words we can describe Google’s Science Journal as ‘doing science simple.’
The app uses tools like phone’s ambient light sensor for light intensity comparisons. App also let user measures how loud a noise is and comparing it to other noises, and recording other things from environment.

We can also add our own photos and notes to our projects, adding extra details or reminders for our future self. When we add data, the app will generate graphs of it in real time, which we can use to compare the data to the results from other projects. The app uses sensors we’ll find on our phone like accelerometer, microphone, and such.
To help kids get started with their own science experiments in these summer breaks, Google has partnered with exploratorium to create “getting started” activities, guiding users through light and audio investigations, using Science Journal with physical devices to record data (wind spinners, in this case), and how to record motions. The app is available now on Google Play Store.

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