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Type With One Hand Using Google Keyboard v5.0

Technology star Google has surfaced with its latest Android keyboard v.50 update. It is assumed to be biggest keyboard update ever. It will definitely change our way of typing. Many changes are made in keyboard this time. As in past long time, no significant change had been made in it. New update is currently available on Play Store.

Here's is list of all the changes made. To know in detail read further. 

Significant change in the design of keyboard has been made. The Holo White and Blue themes which have been around since KitKat series have been removed. Now, user can add border between the keys for easier typing operations. The emoji button has been shifted to the special character menu.

This time user is also given facility to change the height of keyboard from short to normal to tall. 

The alt/number layout also has new buttons for quick access to the numpad and emoji keyboard now. They're on either side of the space bar.


Best functionality added in new update is to allow user to type using one hand only. The one-handed keyboard can be enabled by long pressing the comma (,). The handedness of the keyboard can be changed with the arrow button. This setting can also be changed from settings. Dynamic preview toggle has been removed in new update.

In new version a new feature, dubbed gesture cursor control, is integrated. This feature allows the cursor to be moved by swiping left or right across the spacebar key.


Now, user will be able to delete 1 complete word at one shot, instead of deleting it character by character, just by sliding left from the delete key. Go slowly and words will be highlighted one at a time. Let go, and they're gone.

The other big change is in the gesture typing menu. Now user will see dynamic suggestions in the suggestion bar instead of floating along with your finger.  

Anything that pops up in the suggestion bar (gesture or not) can be long-pressed and dragged to a trash can (it appears above the keyboard) if you want to remove it.

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