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Top 5 Android Launchers : Customize How You Interact With Your SmartPhone

Launcher Apps – What’s the point of having it? There are hundreds of launchers available for android and only a few can be considered efficient – which one will suit your phone? To answer these questions, Let us take a look at the 5 best Android Launchers for your smartphone or tablet which you can try without a second thought.

These Apps helps the customers to customize their smartphone and tablet to have a better experience that fit into their daily usage. Launcher Apps can work to every aspect of the phone’s looks and performance like changing screen transitions, icons, fonts, themes and wallpapers. Few apps acts very similar to the one that is present as default in your phone, few others can entirely change the way you interact with your device. So with this Launcher Apps you can have your screen as simple or as complicated as you wish. Here it goes…

1.    Buzz Launcher - Personalisation
Buzz Launcher is one of the popular launcher which showcases some versatile functionality and rich community of themes. It has 17 categories for themes including Music/Video, Sports, Photography, Education and so on.

Buzz Launcher
Buzz Launcher has a massive portfolio of available themes from which you can choose one to change the theme. If you don’t like the existing designs, No Problem!!! You can also make your own theme, Buzz Launcher offers help to customise your own theme even and save it (you can change the default home screen swipe animation, edit the icon grids). You can share your customised theme as well. But you will need to download an additional Buzz Widget App to get most from it.

Download it here:

2.Hola Launcher – Simple and feature-rich
Hola Launcher is new on market targeted for low space consumption apps, it just requires 1 MB for installation. May be it takes low space but when it comes to features, it doesn’t go any low when compared to other custom launchers.
Hola Launcher
Hola Launchers offers free themes and icons (change icon size, desktop grid size), wallpapers, animations and add-on applications, it also has its own widgets. This gives some big feature in a small package. Cute little animations makes it adorable. But nothing comes of free, it has ads and in-app purchases. Give it a try and see what you think.

Download it here:

3.Go Launcher EX
Go Launcher Ex is a completely free Android app which has tons of options like having a customised app drawer like you can have vertical or horizontal app drawer, changing the transition effect, editing background by changing themes and wallpapers, kills the running apps to boost the speed of the device, it can even lock and hide the apps, Uninstall and install apps, search apps within app drawer and so on.

Go Launcher FX
It also has gesture operations by swiping home screen you can set alphabets for each app so that if you draw the alphabet on the home screen it will instantly open the app. It is one of the most widely used app from low spec android devices to higher end spec devices.

Download it here:

4.    Apex Launcher – Hardcore App installer
Apex Launchers is quite different from other launchers, means it just holds more important on the control you have over your home screens and the apps menu. See, this app can ridiculously hold a 10 x 10 grid of icons in a single screen (looks like teeny-tiny icons)and lets you seriously supercharge how much you can make use of your phone or tablet’s screen pixels.

Apex Launcher
The icon dock at the bottom of your screen can hold up to seven icons and can have several pages of them. Its default theme doesn’t excite us too much but still you can change it too. If you are a hardcore android mobile/tablet user then it is going to be great for you.

Download it here:

5.    Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher is the most customizable launcher ever available in the play store. This is said so because we can choose different colored themes, icons, app drawers and more, if you don’t like any of the nova icon then you can apply Go launcher or other launcher’s theme to this launcher. Along with this, it has fun scroll effects, scrollable docks and infinite scrolling features.

Nova Launcher 
If the free version is good and satisfactory then you can buy the paid prime version of it.

Download it from here:
There are few other Launchers like Google Now Launcher, Smart Launcher, Next Launcher which is also worth a try. I have shared my Views on these apps, if you have another best apps based on your experience please do share.

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