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Tip : How to Type Fast on your Android/iOS smartphone

We all have been there, trying to type a text and getting frustrated how slow this crazy app works, after a while we eventually get used to it, and think that typing on smartphone keyboards is one of impossible task (apart from waking up at 5:30 in morning), Smartphone keyboards are never fast enough, never autocorrect properly and often lead to frustration. Can you relate to these problems? Then check out our tips to increase your typing speed on keyboard apps for Android.
Using One Hand Mode

Trust me with one, you can type faster with one hand compare with two on your smartphone, just for that reason Google have released one hand mode for its app. Its simple to you and keeps your other hand free for other tasks.You also have the choice of sharing "small snippets" of input with Google to "improve Google Keyboard for everyone." Presumably that ties into the keyboard's suggestions and making word prediction smarter. The keyboard's height can be adjusted between five different choices ranging from short to tall, with "normal" as the middle point between them. 

What do you need to do ? 
  • Update your Google keyboard to latest version from here .
  • Open any app, say WhatsApp and open your Google keyboard, Once it start press and hold Enter for a while.
  • Tap on third icon that float out.
  • Boom you are ready to use your keyboard with one hand.

Let your word do typing for You

If your hands aren’t free — or you just feel like dictating — you can tap the microphone button on the keyboard and enter words just by speaking them.

This feature sends your voice input to Google’s speech recognition service, where it’s examined, converted to text, and sent back to your phone. This means that it requires an Internet connection, but the approach of using Google’s massive computing power makes it surprisingly accurate.

What do you need to do ? 

To enter punctuation marks while using voice recognition, just say “period,” “comma,” “question mark,” “exclamation mark,” or “exclamation point.” Android will enter the appropriate punctuation mark instead of the words.

Swipe to Type

The default keyboard in Android 4.2 gained the ability to type words simply by swiping your finger over them.

What do you need to do ? 

To type a word by swiping, simply touch the first letter and glide your finger over the letters — for example, to type Geek, touch the G, move your finger to the E, and then move your finger to the K. Android will try to guess what you’re typing, displaying it above the keyboard. Lift your finger and the word will be typed. You can do this to type many words in sequence quickly, lifting your finger from the screen in between each one.

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