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Pebble Core: A Non-Smartwatch designed for health and fitness.

Pebble announced its release of 3 new devices on May 24, which included two new smartwatches and a non-smartwatch device which focused its efforts on health and fitness. The smartwatch, Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, is more like a classic smartwatch with the latest versions and stainless steel case model. Both new watches have been updated to appeal to fitness fanatics and now feature a heart rate monitor and Pebble's health tracking software system.

Fitness freaks usually prefer two things – A fitness tracker and a music player. The company also wanted to innovate something other than usual smartwatches and that’s where the third non-smartwatch Pebble core is designed.

Although all smartphones can do all the Core’s functions, users prefer something convenient and easy to use. So every time when you go for a walking or jogging, you take your smartphone to track records or music player to play songs.

Bundling the GPS tracker and a music app into a watch would make it more expensive, Pebble didn’t take that route. They did something first ever non-smartwatch.

The Pebble Core is an Android-powered wearable designed for runners. It has GPS to track your running, a built-in 3G modem that lets you stream music over Spotify (need a sim card). This 3G modem can also send emergency SOS notifications. It has WiFi for syncing your running stats with apps like Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, Google Fit and Under Armour. The buttons on the Core can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, such as hailing an Uber or opening a garage door.

It has 3.5mm headset jack and if you prefer to go wireless then you can access Bluetooth. It does have 4GB storage to load songs through wifi. On its back is a magnetic clip, which can be clipped on to your shirt or your pocket.

Coming for the price, It’ll retail for $99, but the device can be pre-ordered at $69 through the early bird discount applied on limited stock and it comes in two different colours. Scheduled to be launched in 2017.

For its battery life, Migicovsky (Pebble CEO) tells that it should last 9 to 10 hours before needing a recharge. It comes with a wireless charger or you can charge it in the headphone port cable.
Still it does have some shortcomings. Say, the Core does not have a display so it needs to be synced with other smartphones and also it becomes difficult to choose or select the song without a display. As for that Spotify we mentioned earlier, its streaming works only with Spotify premium so thanks for the 4GB storage.

The product has hit the right track and took a promising approach to compete with the well-established products like Apple watch and the Samsung Gear. Pebble Core has already been a hit with numerous pre-orders booked, with the numbers rising at a very fast rate. 

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