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OPPO F1 Plus : Detailed Review

OPPO F1 Plus is the latest smartphone of the OPPO ‘Selfie Expert’ series that has just been launched in India. It is available at almost all of the OPPO outlets in two color: Gold, Rose Gold and sets you back by Rs 26,000.

In terms of hardware, when compared to the mid-range F1, OPPO F1 Plus packs a better CPU/GPU, more RAM, superior selfie camera and a few other improvements. In terms of software, it has a newer version of Color OS (version 3.0)  running on top of Android Lollipop.

When talking about the design, you’d see that — interestingly — the OPPO F1 Plus is more inspired by the Apple iPhone 6S than any other OPPO handset.

We’ve had the OPPO F1 Plus for quite a while now and have been using it as our daily driver. Read on through our detailed OPPO F1 Plus review below to find out what we think of this latest OPPO smartphone.

OPPO F1 Plus Unboxing
Unboxing experience of the OPPO F1 Plus isn’t exactly extraordinary. It comes in a pretty standard cardboard box which has the phone in front while all the accessories lay just below it.

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OPPO F1 Plus has bundled with it a USB cable which has the 7-pin microUSB connector, instead of the 5-pin connector. When connected to the VOOC flash fast charging adapter, this cable enables fast charging on the OPPO F1 Plus.

Oppo F1 Plus :Unboxing
Oppo F1 Plus :Unboxing

F1 Plus also has OPPO earphones bundled with it, which are quite comfortable in use and unexpectedly have good sound quality but maybe that should’ve been expected since it’s Dirac HD Sound. Loudness is not as much as we have experienced on competitor earphones but sound quality itself is good enough for an average music enthusiast.

Other bundled OPPO F1 Plus accessories include: a transparent silicon cover, SIM ejector tool and a screen protector (already applied to the device).

OPPO F1 Plus Review

OPPO F1 Plus has the same great build quality that we have come to expect from the flagship OPPO devices. It is only 6.6 mm thick and has a minimal bezel design which gives this 5.5″ phablet an easily manageable profile. Not to forget, back-side of the F1 Plus is made of the silk metal which we have seen on the OPPO R7 and OPPO F1 smartphones. Not only does it feel good to the touch but it also makes the OPPO F1 Plus a solid device.

Oppo F1 Plus : Design
Oppo F1 Plus : Design
Oppo F1 Plus : Design
Oppo F1 Plus : Design

Design language of the OPPO F1 Plus is quite highly influenced from the iPhone 6S. This is quite easily noticeable when looking at the back-side of the F1 Plus. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if you find the OPPO F1 Plus and the iPhone 6S to be almost identical.

Oval home button on the front of the F1 Plus has a fingerprint sensor concealed within it. This probably is the best fingerprint sensor implementation to date because not only is it accurate but it is quite faster than what we have seen on the Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate series and Samsung Galaxy devices. It can rarely act out but other than that, we were totally impressed by how fast it is in taking you from screen off to the home screen (specifically, it takes around 0.2 seconds to do so).

Performance & Battery
OPPO F1 Plus has a Mediatek Helio P10 2.0GHz (Octa-core) processor and a 4GB RAM at its center. Moreover, it has a dual-core Mali-T860 GPU and 64GB of built-in storage with expansion option of up to 128GB using a microSD card (which uses the SIM card 2 slot).

In our experience with the device, Helio P10 Octa-core CPU is capable enough to perform all day-to-days tasks quite effortlessly and we have never had it halt while performing resource hungry operations either.

Thank to the 4 gigs of RAM that the F1 Plus packs, switching between running applications has always been seamless as well. Although a dual-core GPU doesn’t seem much these days, but our mobile gaming experience on the F1 Plus wasn’t that bad. It ran games like Asphalt 8 and Need for Speed without any hiccups.

Unfortunately, since the F1 Plus has a Mediatek chipset it’s benchmark scores are below average and not exactly what you’d expect from an octa-core processor.

Oppo F1 Plus : Benchmark Score

Moving onto the battery, F1 Plus has a pretty average Li-Po 2850 mAh battery which of course is non-removable. Battery timings aren’t exactly extra ordinary but in our day-to-day use, on average our F1 Plus review unit went through a day and a half on a single charge.

We feel that the battery timings shouldn’t be a deal breaker for anyone because F1 Plus does support VOOC flash fast charging technology which enables the device to be fully charged in about 60 minutes.
Camera Quality
Camera interface of the F1 Plus is pretty simple to use and quite similar to what we saw with the OPPO F1. Interestingly, the ability to download and install new camera modes has been stripped out but most of these modes have been made available by default. These pre-installed camera modes include: Normal, Ultra HD, Various Filters, GIF, Double Exposure, Expert Mode, Selfie Panorama, Time lapse and Panorama.

Oppo F1 Plus : Camera Interface
OPPO has made it pretty clear this time that the main focus of F1 series is selfie experience, by giving the OPPO F1 Plus a front-camera larger in megapixels than the primary cam. So, the F1 Plus comes with a 16MP selfie shooter and a 13MP back-camera.

Oppo F1 Plus : 13 MP back Camera

OPPO F1 Plus’ 13MP primary camera is a pretty decent shooter. Image quality is good, considering that the images have a good enough level of detail and sharpness. Colors are vivid and color tone of the images is quite consistently natural as well but sometimes images produced can be more inclined towards either a colder or a warmer tone.

Front camera of the F1 Plus, despite being a 16MP shooter, does not do justice to F1 lineup’s “Selfie Expert” moniker. Images produced are not as good as you’d expect from a 16MP camera and level of detail is also not satisfactory. Images taken outdoor — in sunlight — mostly turn out to be over exposed.

Oppo F1 Plus : Sample Shot

OPPO F1 Plus Review Wrap-up
Here is a list of our key findings from this OPPO F1 Plus review:
  • Same great build quality as we have come to expect from OPPO flagships.
  • Minimal bezel design and 6.6 mm thickness give the F1 Plus a manageable profile.
  • Silk metal back of the F1 Plus feels good to the touch and makes the device solid.
  • Design language is highly influenced by the Apple iPhone 6S, so some people would consider this just another iPhone wanna-be.
  • Fingerprint implementation of the OPPO F1 Plus is not only super fast but also very accurate.
  • Day-to-day performance is hiccup free but low benchmark scores due to the Mediatek chipset.
  • Quite average battery timings due to the 2850 mAh Li-Po non-removable battery but charges in only an hour, thanks to the VOOC flash fast charging.
  • Camera interface is quite simple and easy to use. Image quality is also good. Pictures are sharp, contain details and have vivid colors.
Oppo F1 Plus : Device
    OPPO F1 Plus is definitely a welcome upgrade over the OPPO F1. It has a more premium build quality and definitely packs a bigger punch than the OPPO F1. If the good build quality and compelling technical specs of the F1 Plus aren’t enough to convince you into buying one, maybe it’s similarities with the Apple iPhone 6S will.

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